This is actually the ‘Super Drum’ series, sporting the washer industry’s largest ever drum. Touted is the greatest drum inside a Haier washer, not to mention every other, the organization claims the new drum is ‘extra large’ having a size 525mm. With extra room for that fabric to flow with enhanced efficiency, the big drum facilitates more serious washing. Additionally, it reduces creasing in clothes and enables convenience for users, mainly in loading and unloading tasks.

Energy and Efficiency Packed Together

In most its fully automatic automatic washers, Haier is known to create energy-efficiency and overall washing efficiency towards the washing experience. New automatic washers are outfitted with BLDC motors from the inverter type, featuring advanced software with AI DBT which means ‘Dynamic Balance Technology’. Haier claims that this ensures a reliable washer along with a quiet wash throughout wash cycles. Presenting a 6-step program, this refreshes your wash cycle, beginning from outfit rotation to inlet for water embracing vapour and lastly refreshing and making clothes awesome. This latest feature eliminates odour and wrinkles. Furthermore, the ‘Hi Care’ sanitation of machines keeps users safe. In addition to this, there is also anti-microbial systems that keep your detergent dispenser and gasket germ-free. Furthermore, while washing, dual sprays and pure business eliminate mites and allergens from fabrics.

Durability and Affordability

People prefer purchasing a Haier washer because of its affordable cost. You can purchase the latest model from Haier at much under you’d purchase a flagship machine from another brand within the same category. For example, the most recent machines come in a beginning cost tag of 38,490 INR and visit around 60,000 INR in top capacities with premium features. With increased people using Haier appliances previously couple of years, the company is promoting a status for offering items that are durable as well as for supplying great after-sales service. In addition, the most recent machines have a 3-year overall warranty and 12 years (lifetime for Super Drum machines) for that motor. Besides its front-loading models, its top-loading machines are popular for his or her compact styles and great washing ability. It’s certainly worth looking at and purchasing any of the several Haier automatic washers listed hereafter.

Haier Top Loading 6 Kg HWM60-10 Washer – Made to be compact and efficient, this Haier fully automatic machine is spacious with a stainless-steel drum. Fitted having a waterproof digital display, you’re able to set your wash modes easily. Capabilities include fuzzy logic control by which the device detects the time period of the wash cycle through the load inside and memory backup which resumes wash cycles if they’re interrupted. With six washing modes that provide you versatility for those fabrics, this can be a Haier washer that’s both dependable and cost-effective, besides being silent and minimally vibrational.

Haier Front Loading 8 Kg HW80-BD12756NZP Washer – Appropriate for any large family, this can be a robust machine which comes within an attractive dull-gold get a toughened clear glass door. Having a muscular drum, it’s greater than 15 wash programs especially removes stains effortlessly. You receive 24 months warranty around the product, and ten years warranty around the motor. The device is efficient enough in order to save water and detergent and provides a sparkling wash with extreme silence with no vibrations. Furthermore, users declare that it provides clothes a really quick wash, and you may decide the duration based on loads.

Haier Front Loading 6.5 Kg HW65-IM10636TNZP Washer – As fully automatic automatic washers go, a great front-loading energy-efficient machine for that cost. With features as an inverter motor having a spin speed of 1200 Revoltions per minute, this machine washes clothes quicker than conventional models. The outstanding feature of the machine may be the NZP technology, washing clothes intensely whenever your water pressure is low. Furthermore, you can rest assured of the germ-free wash with anti-microbial functions, eliminating almost 100% of bacteria. Additional features that individuals love would be the Express Wash mode and self-cleaning ability of the model.

Haier Top Loading 7 Kg HWM70-AE Washer – This fully automatic washer has a fast wash feature and dries your clothes effectively. With 8 wash cycles to select from, it is really an ideal compact appliance and provides the additional advantage of its soundless and vibration-free operation. Using its Bionic Magic Filter, lint will get collected so the machine doesn’t get clogged.

Haier Front Loading 7.5 Kg Super Drum HW75-IM12929C53 Washer – Having a maximum spin speed of 1200 Revoltions per minute, this is actually the innovative Haier fully automatic machine available. Her most tech-savvy washing features with Dual Spray and also the fastest rotational mechanism in almost any washer nowadays. In addition, convenience is when you need it using the Brought display which helps you to control 15 wash programs having a touch. The Super Drum is really a unique design feature, enhancing space inside without making the applying bulky. Furthermore, the beltless motor with inverter technology manages the rate of drum rotation, minimizing abrasion and maximizing rigorous cleaning.

Purchase Your Favourite Haier Washer

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