Have you found the Smerq Reviews strings in an objective manner? Please read this article to find out more about Smerq.com.

Do you desire sofa sets and electronic gadgets? Are you eagerly awaiting the detailed results of Smerq.com These scamming cases are growing as many fraudsters now use websites to trick buyers.

Additionally, these cases are most common in Australia. We will now deliver strings that are connected to Smerq.com including Smerq Review to alert you.

About This Web Store

Smerq.com’s ‘About Us section’ is missing, which could hinder the company’s business. We found this out while exploring. The website did offer products, such as access points and sofa sets. The items are also being sold at a low price to attract more customers.

You must thoroughly investigate any portal you are considering before making a decision. To provide an impartial review, we also looked at the portal. In the following paragraph, we highlight key information gleaned from this website. This survey is important.

Indicating Essential Specifications To Detect Does Smerq Legit ?

  • https://smerq.com serves as the official site accession link.
  • If the website approves your request for a refund, they will transfer the amount to your account in ten days.
  • We looked into it and discovered info@smerq.com was the email address.
  • This website sells products such as USB ports and sofa sets.
  • International orders can be extended up to two weeks.
  • Our survey returned the address 55 FLINDERS ROAD, WOOLOOWARE NSW 2230, Australia.
  • According to the research, social icons were absent.
  • Buyers can get free shipping for purchases above $55.
  • ShopPay, AfterPay, and other payment options were discovered to be accepted.
  • The Smerq Review survey revealed that 14 June 2022 was the portal’s creation date. This is only one month old.
  • Their exchange policy states that the shopper may return the items purchased but can still purchase another product.
  • The telephone number that was used during the investigation is +61480048206
  • The buyer must return the item within 30 days.
  • We found the newsletter option on this site.

Pros Discovered

  • We located the phone number and email address.
  • The survey found the address details.
  • Our investigation revealed the newsletter option.

Inconsistencies Within This Portal

  • We didn’t find any icons on social networks during our research, so we have doubts about Is Smerq Legal?
  • Trustpilot did not give us any reviews.
  • This site was linked to negative Google reviews, which were discovered during the investigation.

Is Smerq trustworthy?

  • Trust score We have rescued an unacceptable value of 22%.
  • Buyers Reviews The survey found no Trustpilot reviews. Our examination did however reveal some negative Google reviews.
  • Reliability We found that the listed products have a low price, but this could be a trick to trick online shoppers.
  • Trust rank – This parameter is rated 48.7/100.
  • Website Register Date – We discovered that Smerq.com has been online for one month, which means its creation date is 14/06/2022.
  • Bulk buying Facility– The Smerq Reviews examination discovered that this facility is possible.
  • Alexa Rank – Our research showed an 8751861 Value.
  • Domain Suspension Day 14-06-2023 is the expiry day of Smerq.com.
  • Policy– The examination showed that there was duplicated policy information.
  • Details We checked that the address was legitimate, and that the business name is the same as the website.
  • Social Media Connections The icons are missing from this web portal. This raises many questions for the buyers.
  • Founder’s Info– This survey hasn’t revealed any owner names associated with the portal.

Let’s look at the buyer’s comments and move on to the next section.

Smerq Shoppers’

Trustpilot didn’t give us any reviews for our inspection. However, there were some negative reviews of this online shop on Google. Recently, one user complained that the website was a fraud and advised not to use it for goods purchases. Customers have also criticized the portal as a fraud.

A buyer also stated that the buyer did not get a response when they contacted them. Google gave the portal 1 star out 5 stars. Find the best tips and tricks for PayPal here

The Final Words

Today, we discussed real Smerq Review and acknowledged that the portal was questionable. To make an informed decision, we recommend waiting for more comments. Find out more about credit card scamsGet information on access point locations

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