There are advantages to buying water pipes online and in stores, find out which is best for you

Selecting the ideal water pipe, whether it’s your inaugural purchase or a new addition to your collection, brings an exhilarating experience.

With an abundance of choices at your disposal, you might find yourself engrossed for hours while contemplating the perfect selection.

As you decide on size, style, and material, another question is whether should you visit a bong shop or buy online.

There are advantages to both options that can affect your decision.

Advantages of Buying Water Pipes Online

Buying a bong online is becoming a popular option with smokers of all ages.

The selection is amazing. You can spend hours browsing through online catalogs. Even a water pipe emporium will find it difficult to match the selection you find online.

You will also have a hard time beating online prices.

Placing your online order is also a breeze. Some online stores will even let you save your information. This makes placing an order even easier and faster the next time you visit the site.

Best of all, you don’t have to leave your house to find a new water pipe. Your package is delivered safely and discretely to your front door.

Downsides of Ordering Water Pipes Online

Quality can be an issue when ordering water pipes online.

You cannot assess the pipe before buying. This means what looks great in the picture is not necessarily the same in person.

The size may vary or the pipe may have defects not disclosed in the product description.

There is also the waiting period. Typically, it takes at least one day for your delivery to arrive.

If you skip paying the next-day delivery fees, the water pipe will take even longer to show up at your door.

For smokers without a pipe, the delay can be unbearable.

Advantages of Buying Water Pipes in Store

Okay, so the selection is more limited in a bong shop than online. However, this is a minor downside compared with the advantages.

You can browse through the display cases and ask to see various products. Sometimes, being able to touch a water pipe is enough to help you make your choice.

Smoke shops also hold sales, so you can find water pipes at online prices. This is always good news for your wallet.

Who knows, maybe the money you save can go towards a second water pipe. After all, you always need a backup.

A primary advantage of visiting a smoke shop is you can take the water pipe home with you. There’s no waiting for your delivery to arrive.

Downsides of Buying Water Pipes in Store

Buying a water pipe in a store has a couple of downsides. You will probably pay a little more than if you shop online.

Remember, physical stores have more costs to cover which typically results in higher prices.

The selection in stores is also limited compared to an online site.

While there are pros and cons to both online stores and physical shops, both can ensure you get the perfect water pipe.