Flowers are the most delicate and beautiful gift from nature. Flowers tend to have a short life that lasts only for a particular season. To be specific, non-seasonal flowers tend to wilt and get dehydrated easily when exposed to different weather conditions. On the other hand, seasonal flowers can withstand harsh weather conditions and stay fresh all day long. 

Moreover, seasonal flowers are readily available anywhere during their seasons at extremely affordable prices. In this way, you can save some money during your wedding planning and get wonderful wedding flowers at average costs. 

So, without further ado, here is the list of wedding flowers by season that you can consider choosing from. 

Spring season flower 

1. Sweet peas 

For the spring season, you can consider choosing sweet peas for your wedding bouquet or bridal bouquet flowers. Sweet peas are small bell-shaped flowers that can be easily paired with any other seasonal flowers.

2. Lily of the valley 

Lily of the valley is the most popular spring flower. If you are looking for something simple yet classic, lily of the valley is all you need. 

3. Hydrangea 

Due to their voluminous blooms, hydrangeas make the perfect flower for a bouquet. Three or four hydrangea flowers can be enough to make a voluminous and lightweight flower bouquet for your wedding day. 

Summer season flower 

1. Gerbera daisy 

Gerbera daisy is one of the most popular daisy options out of all daisy flowers. You consider using a variety of different color flowers to give a more vibrant look to your flower bouquet. 

2. Calla lily 

You can find a wide range of calla lily flowers during early summers. Calla lily flowers can be a perfect addition to your theme wedding celebration. 

3. Carnation 

Carnation flowers are the best attentive to red roses. If you are looking for something unique for your wedding decor or a bridal bouquet, carnation flowers can be a suitable option. 

Winter season flowers

1. Orchid 

Orchids are the most popular and widely used wedding flowers on the list. Orchid flowers can help you add a more dramatic look to your flower arrangements and perfectly complement your wedding pictures. 

2. Tulip 

When it comes to winter weddings, tulips top the charts. You can use different color tulip flowers to create a colorful and visually appealing bridal bouquet for your big day. 

3. Wax flower 

Wax flowers are popular for their lovely fragrance. Wax flowers can easily withstand cold temperatures during winter seasons and stay fresh for the whole day long. 

Fall season flower 

1. Dahlia 

Dahlia is considered the peonies of the fall seasons. These beautiful flowers are readily available during the season. Dahlia can be an ideal option for wedding centerpieces and other decor options.

2. Rose 

Last but not least, it is impossible to imagine a wedding celebration without a bunch of roses. Roses are timeless and wonderful wedding flowers, readily available in flower delivery in London. 

Consider hiring a wedding florist to find the best and highest quality flowers in London.