This article will help you to resolve your doubts about the website’s legitimacy. Reviews.

Do you prefer to wear comfortable clothes all the time? Do you love t-shirts? You should be looking for a good platform that can offer you a range of versatile tees in a variety. You can feel at ease with this new United States-based web site.

Scappywear, which sells graphic T-shirts, is the website. It can serve as a safe haven for both men and ladies. However, can we still consider Scappywear to be a legitimate platform for selling clothing? What does the Reviews have to say? Let’s look below.

What are the Most Prominent Scappywear Styles?

Scappywear sells tee shirts and is a very fresh and new website. It falls under the fashion section of the t-shirt market. It is possible to find the most graphic t-shirts on this site. It is possible to find all sizes of clothing, for men as well as women, on this platform.

According to their official website, the about us section says that they are very selective about the material used in t-shirts. The most comfortable fabric is what they choose, so their customers don’t feel uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at to see if it is legitimate.

Specifications of Website-

  • Website-
  • Industry- T-shirts
  • SectorFashion
  • Contact Number:+1 (914) 431-4448
  • Email ID[email protected]
  • Address- 6491 Highway 20, Donalds, South Carolina 29638, United States.
  • Availability10 – 9 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Shipping Policy- They can only ship within the United States and take 1-2 processing delays.
  • Return PolicyApplicable within the first 30 days
  • Exchange Policies-Available Within 30 Days.
  • Delivery Times-3-5 Business Days
  • Delivery Policy They do not deliver to APO,PO box and FPO addresses
  • Order tracking facility-Available
  • Warranty and Garanty-Not available
  • Payment Options According to .They only accept PayPal payments.
  • Social media Handles-Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest

Positives in Scappywear

  • This website provided all the contact details that were possible on its website.
  • It has a real HTTPS association.
  • Any denylist device does not perceive the platform.
  • The website offers many policies that are friendly to consumers.
  • It is a very well-constructed platform, with excellent speed.

Negatives to the Website-

  • This website is far too recent for us not to rely upon.
  • Scappywear may be temporary.
  • Trust score and trust index are both low on this platform.
  • Reviews are not available on this official website.
  • It is not well-liked.
  • Its shipping is limited to a few areas.
  • Some of their policies can be very rigid, including delivery, warranty, guarantee and warranty policies.
  • This website has very few payment options. Buyers cannot make COD payments.
  • Negatively referenced are the social media links provided by the official niche.

We have summarized all the specifications, pros and cons so that the readers can easily understand them. Let’s take a look at the legitimacy section in order to reach the best conclusion.

Is Legit or Scam?

  • Website Date- This website has been in existence since the 1st June 2022.
  • Expiry Day- The platform is limited in its life expectancy. It will be terminated on 1st Juni 2023.
  • Trust Index Website has a low trust index of just 38.1
  • Trust Scoring-Scappywear is rated at a very low 2.
  • Popularity It has low popularity with a 4954678 rank.
  • Contact Details – All required contact details are found on the official web site.
  • Connections- A website is legally authorized to use HTTPS.
  • Information on WHOIS Very hidden
  • Review-No reviews anywhere

What are Review?

After doing extensive research, we discovered there are no consumer reviews for this site. This website is relatively new and not very popular. This could be because people didn’t have the opportunity to explore this site.

We believe that consumers reviews are critical for buyers to determine the website’s credibility. Unfortunately, this website does not have any consumer reviews. Even their social media accounts point out the negative aspects. Click here for more information on how to deal fraudulent PayPal scammers.

Conclusion- Ratingsindicate that this website is inappropriate. This is why we don’t recommend our readers to purchase anything or make transactions from this website. Also, do your research.

Click here if you want the exact same products from a valid website. You can also comment if you love vintage graphic tees. Further, click here for more information about Credit Card Scams.