Royal Stag
Royal Stag: India's Iconic Whiskey

There’s no mistaking a bottle of Royal Stag. India’s iconic whiskey is easily identified by its stag logo – a symbol that has come to represent quality and taste over the years. Royal Stag was first launched in 1995, and since then it has become one of the most popular whiskies in India.

What makes Royal Stag so special?

It’s the unique blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts – something that no other whiskey in India can claim to have.

Plus, Royal Stag doesn’t use any artificial flavorings, so you can be sure of an authentic tasting experience each time you sip it.

Designed keeping in mind international design standards the blended whiskey has earned great admiration from Indian whiskey drinkers due to its taste which combines woody flavors alongside smokiness without using any artificial ingredients or flavors like other brands do so they can be honest about what goes into making your favorite drink!

How is Royal Stag made?

Royal Stag is a blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. This means that the whiskey has an aroma with generous hints of fruitiness, as well as smokey flavors to offer you your typical smooth finish!

Once blended at their distillery it’s stored until being shipped off somewhere special where oak barrels await infusing this smooth spirit with its velvety texture alongside adding notes from herbs & spices that give depth not seen before.

The distinctness comes from not using any synthetic elements in making it natural Royal stag Whiskey which makes for quite popular among Indian consumers because they can enjoy what seems like pure alcohol without all those artificial chemicals found within other brands.

The best way to enjoy whiskey is with Royal Stag Whiskey.

This affordable blend of Indian grain spirits and blended Scotch malts has successfully made its way across borders, appealing not only in India but also abroad for its unique taste that arises from both continents!

One variant includes their premium line Barrel Select- if you’re looking for an evolved palette capable enough to understand what’s happening inside your glass then this could be just the right fit.

Sizes and Availability?

To be environmentally conscious and provide a better-quality product, the Royal Stag whiskey comes in several different sizes determined by how much packaging they need as well as making sure every single bottle is recycled!

There are many different sizes of whiskey that can be purchased, with the Royal Stag coming in at least one size for every taste. From 1L bottles to 90mls or even 60 ml amounts if needed; this spirit stores well no matter what you choose!

Following are the tentative prices of Royal Stag Whiskey in India

NameVolumePrice in INR
Royal Stag Barrel Select Whiskey180ml125
Royal Stag Barrel Select Whiskey375ml245
Royal Stag Barrel Select Whiskey750ml490
Royal Stag Barrel Select Whiskey1000ml650
Royal Stag Deluxe Whiskey750ml330
Royal Stag Reserve Whiskey180ml95
Royal Stag Reserve Whiskey375ml190
Royal Stag Reserve Whiskey500ml250
Royal Stag Reserve Whiskey750ml380
Royal Stag Reserve Whiskey1000ml500

Royal Stag is a high-quality whiskey that will have you feeling refreshed after drinking it. It’s made with 42% ABV of Indian grain spirits and scotch malts to give your taste buds exactly what they’re looking for – smoothness!

A common adage says happiness doubles when shared amongst friends or family – however it seems logically impossible without mentioning any change

No wonder it has such a large and loyal following! If you’re looking for a quality whiskey that’s sure to hit the spot, then look no further than Royal Stag. Do Visit for more such details.