You should take good care of your roof since it is one of the most important components of your home. You and your family are protected from the elements, while adding curb appeal to your house. It is always working, keeping rain, snow, and ice from coming into your home while blocking dangerous sun rays.

Despite this, we often ignore what our roofs need to remain healthy. When gutters are clogged with debris, ice dams form which can cause leaks. As winter progresses, we ignore broken shingles and allow snow and ice to accumulate. You can rely on us to assist you with your roof repair regardless of whether the damage was caused by a storm or years of wear and tear.

For roof leak repair in new NJ to be detected, real expertise is usually needed. The roof of a residential building can suffer from moisture intrusion in many places. There are a variety of reasons why homeowners require NJ roof leak repair. Below are some common causes of roof leaks:

  • A missing or damaged shingle
  • Flickering damage
  • Nails sticking out
  • Gutters that are clogged
  • Vent boots cracked
  • Failed skylight seals

In addition to weather-related roof leaks, ice dams and heavy snow accumulations can cause roof leaks.

Before a stain appears on an interior surface, water often travels laterally or diagonally. To locate the source of the leak, the trained eye of a certified inspector is often required. Roof inspectors are skilled at locating a leak.

There is a leak in the roof

Are you experiencing roof leaks? Water damage from leaks can cause serious problems for your home regardless of whether your roof was damaged or is simply old. Wood could rot, support beams could be damaged, and much more could be found here. In the event that your roof leaks, you may need to make expensive repairs, as water damage can cause a lot of damage. Get a no-obligation consultation about leaks in your roof today by calling us.

Roofing components that leak

You may not have damaged shingles to blame for your roof leak. Possible leak sources include pipe collars, flashings, or chimneys. These leaks can cause bigger, more expensive problems than a small leak caused by a damaged shingle. We can identify where the leak originates and repair it as quickly as possible by using our experienced technicians.

 In addition to the walls, vents are also an essential part of your home, contributing to your home’s optimal temperature even be able to tell where the area was repaired.. An improperly installed vent could cause your HVAC system to lose efficiency and allow leaks to form.

Damage or loosening of shackles

A roof replacement might not be necessary if you have noticed loose or damaged shingles. In order to protect your underlayment, our skilled technicians can replace shingles quickly and efficiently. 

The fascia has been damaged

It’s possible for your fascia to come away from the house during a strong wind. Fascias that are hung from your roof, banging against your siding, or completely disappearing can result from this. It is important to find someone who can estimate the extent of the damage and promptly repair or replace it to prevent further damage.

Damage to wood

Wood damage can result from a leaking roof, and this is extremely dangerous. Under your roof is wood that is part of the support system for your home. You risk your roof collapsing completely if the wood rots due to water damage. There is no way to avoid a roof collapse, which requires extensive repair work to not only the roof but also whatever is below the collapse.