Through the mobile app, users of your venue can reserve a desk, ensuring a waiting desk is always available. Meeting rooms and office desks should be able to be booked on-demand regardless of the length of time you need them. Your venue’s users can book desks in real time by offering in-app desk booking.

All it takes is a few taps

Optix turns your users’ phones into booking apps, allowing them to view which desks are available within your venue and book one or more with just a few taps. This allows them to book whenever and wherever they want.

Whether they want to book a desk on the way into the office, book a desk for next week from the comfort of their own home, or grab a desk once they arrive, they can complete the booking with just a few taps.

Profiles should be created for desk groups

The first step in creating your own coworking desk booking software is to log into your web dashboard and add details for the groups of desks in your venue. Desk groups have their own profiles, complete with a description, an image, and an hourly rate for drop-in users.

Make sure your users can book specific groups of desks on their smartphones, and then sit back and watch them book desks. 

From the web dashboard of your venue, you can see how your users use their desks.

Set your preferences for desk booking access

When a user is assigned a certain number of hot desk hours or a certain dollar amount as part of a monthly plan, Opix tracks their remaining balance for the month. Booking in advance will ensure that users’ favorite desks will be available in the future.

The user can save his or her favorites

Consider making users scroll through your app to find the desk they need if you have ten different desk groups at your venue. Therefore, your users have the option of favorite desks within your venue. The app will let them jump right to their favorites when they open it to book a desk.

Bookings across multiple desks

You also offer users the option to book multiple desks at once. Say someone in your coworking space wants to book a group of desks near each other because they are the CEO of a startup. During the reservation process, you can choose the number of desks you want at once and the capacity of your reservation. The whole team will have space to work as a result.

Take a look at your bookings and gain insights

When you offer a desk booking software, you can maximize the use of your venue’s desks.

Analyze the behavior of your users and gain insights. Discover which days of the week are most popular for drop-ins, how long bookings last on average, and which desk groups are the most popular.

You can customize the membership levels according to your needs

Desk booking analytics can help you make informed decisions about how your membership levels and desk groupings are structured, as well as keep track of your venue’s overall performance. Keeping your coworking operation smooth and efficient takes desk booking systems.

Using our desk booking system, you can manage both hot desks and dedicated desks simultaneously, allowing you to track usage for both types of desks. When users within a facility share resources (or have limited access to space), a desk booking system can be extremely helpful.

Optimizing offerings is important

Using a desk booking system, you can efficiently monetize your entire venue, not just your meeting rooms, and track how and when users use the facility. You are using your desks if you are using the facilities. Therefore, you can see how much desk time a user is actually using compared to their monthly desk allowance, which can help you streamline your membership offerings.

Life would be simpler if processes were streamlined

When coworkers rush to their workspace, their favorite chair at the window is already taken. 

Due to the ability to book their own desks at any time, users no longer require a receptionist.