If your property has a lot of junk and scrap materials, you have the potential to earn some big bucks. Recycling all the items on your property – particularly when it comes to scrap metal – has proven lucrative for many homeowners and business owners, even more so if you have a lot of non-ferrous metals on your site, such as copper. Salvaging old kitchen appliances, electronics, and even aluminum cans can be well worth your while – and the best part about it is that you are doing your part in preserving and protecting the environment. If you are interested in recycling scrap metals and getting the utmost value out of them, there are some things you should know first – and these things can help you make the most of recycling old materials office recycling bins. So without further ado, you should know the following quick facts about recycling scrap metals. 

Fact 1: Recycling uses a lesser amount of energy 

One basic fact about recycling is that it uses less energy than most other means to get new resources and materials. Take scrap recycling, for example – it is even better for the environment because we need a lot of energy for the mining process alone – procuring metals from the earth is both time-consuming and takes a lot of energy. Aside from digging into the earth’s core, new metal resources need to be transported. But with recycling, there is not as much effort involved – and much less energy is required. 

Fact 2: it offers the same quality 

Another fact about recycled metal that may surprise you is that its quality doesn’t suffer just because it is recycled. As confirmed by scrap metal recyclers like Langley Recycling and builders and manufacturers of scrap metal, there is virtually no difference between new and recycled metal. What’s impressive about scrap metal is that it can undergo recycling as often as possible without losing its integrity or quality. In other words, it is just the same throughout. Meanwhile, other recyclable materials, such as plastic and paper, will begin to lose their integrity and quality after they are recycled more than a few times. 

Fact 3: it has a lot of applications 

The third fact about scrap metal is that there are a lot of applications for it. This is another impressive fact because scrap metal can literally be used for a plethora of purposes. For example, some of the most common scrap metals that undergo recycling are aluminum and steel, and both metals can be efficiently recycled without losing their integrity. Recycled scrap metals can be used anywhere and by any industry – they can become part of a car door or a tin can, and everything else in between. The limits to their use are seemingly endless, which is part of why recycled scrap metals are continuously in great demand. 

Fact 4: you can tell which is which by using just a magnet 

Recycling scrap metals is neat because there are simple ways to identify which metal is which. For instance, steel and iron are immensely heavy but also quite strong, which is why they are often used for construction. And since aluminum is lightweight, it is often used for helicopters and airplanes. Scrap yards simply use a magnet so they can identify which is which – iron is magnetic, while metals that don’t have iron are not.