Portugal Has Homes
Portugal Has Homes

As challenging as meeting Portuguese visa requirements is for some people, getting an apartment that suits your preference might be easier. It’s on record that three-quarters of the Portuguese population own their houses, and this number has remained constant for over 10 years. 

When you are out there looking for an apartment that suits your preference, you must consider the legal procedures involved. For example, you should consider the property registration cost, taxes, capital gain tax, and other government-mandated payments.

Unlike countries with policies restricting foreigners from owning a specific number of properties in their country, Portugal has none. And unlike most EU countries, in Portugal, non-Europeans are permitted to get a 5-year resident permit (called Portugal’s golden visa) once they purchase a property worth not less than €500,000.

Before making all that plan to meet the Portugal D7 Visa requirements, it is only rational if you’ve made plans for investing in real estate in Portugal. Although Portugal is not on the list of EU countries with the best residential apartments, you can still get the best apartments if you look. 

But then it depends on lifestyle: different choices for different people. Europe has quite a reasonable number of elites, many of them whom prefer making Portugal their destination of choice. Same with tech professionals, doctors, and top prominent business people. All these people can still find the perfect apartment for themselves in a very nice environment.

But before you start surfing the internet looking for the right apartment, you have to understand that looking for an apartment in Portugal is like meeting your visa requirements, but in this case, financially. Again, you must also know that Portuguese estate developers or managers have a way of classifying their houses language-wise. 

As English-speaking countries classify their residential houses, hotel buildings, and others, the Portuguese real estate industry has also conjured its classification. But not to worry, it’s nothing too strange; it still has the same meaning as what you have out there.

So, before you start looking for the best apartment for you in Portugal, also to help you acquire the D7 Visa Portugal, you must first get acquainted with the names. We will get to that later; before that, let’s detail different houses for different people according to their kinds of lifestyles.

Before that Visa Requirements, Check Out Different Residential Apartments for Different People

Tech Professionals

Most of these people don’t care about the design of the house they are moving into. They are more concerned about the house’s features than the colors or design. As per features, we mean how steady the electricity is, how quiet the area is, and of course, how intact the basic amenities are. 

At some point, the news conveyed that Mark Zuckerberg had to buy off the entire neighborhood to have some privacy. 

Elite Businessmen 

This set of people is specific in their requests. To this set of people, after making their travel plans, including completing their visa requirements, their next step is to carefully choose their preferred residence in the country they are moving to. 

They mostly go to a highly-populated area, with a two to three-bedroom duplex. To them, quietness is nothing; so far as they can mingle with their likes, they are okay with it.


To these people, flamboyance is their thing. They always prefer living among people of class, just about anywhere they can easily make the news. A glass house with a medium-sized swimming pool in Sintra or Cascais will be fine for them. 

Just like they spend time filling out their visa requirements, they may spend twice as much looking for the perfect glass house that fits their status.

Different Types of Houses in Portugal

The Casa

Also called a Moradia, it is a traditional detached residential apartment in Portugal. Most of these houses often have amenities like patios, fences with a front gate, and backyard gardens. 


Getting this type of house can be a little challenging as filling out visa requirements. Also called condos, it is used to classify individual apartments that are shared in common areas. Condos don’t always come cheap but give the owners premium care, comfort, and safety.


In Portugal, classic rustic houses are referred to as Quintas. This is usually seen on farms. You can find them around those inland and suburban areas of Portugal.