Description Field Notes for Pokemon Go by Deino. He has also shared details about community days and discussed its features, rewards and benefits.

Are you ready? The Pokemon Go community day event will be live in a few short days. Pokemon Go players from the United States want to know the timing of the event so they can participate in the gaming competition. This event is an opportunity for players who want to receive rewards bonuses and catch shiny Pokemon wild.

Because players are currently involved in Mega and Legendary battles this week, it is important that they prepare for the community day. PokemonGo Field notes Deino has all details regarding the upcoming gaming event.

Pokemon Go community day event:

The community event will only be open for three hours, and players must get tickets to attend it. The event will start live on 26 June, between 11 AM and 2 PM local.

  • You can buy the ticket starting at $1
  • To activate tickets or other rewards, players must be present within the designated time.
  • Field Notes: Deino is the community event.
  • The Saturday ticket is now available.

Shiny Deino Pokemon at Event Day:

This event is similar with other monthly special days in Pokemon Go. Players will need find a unique creature. This month’s Pokemon is Deino. You can see Deino in the wild during active hours of the community event. You can also spot the shiny Deino in the wild during community day’s active hours.

Deino Pokemon is the event’s black-and-blue creature with a pointy top. For Hydreigon, players can evolve shiny Deino within two hours of catching it. Shiny Deino Pokemon gocatching can also bring new rewards and bonuses .

Important features of Field Notes – Deino

Participating in the 25th-June event will provide players with many special benefits. For Pokemon gamers, the following benefits are available.

  • Double candy will be given to players who catch the Pokemon.
  • A double chance will be given to them of catching Deino.
  • This will result in a reduction of half of the stardust needed to trade Pokemon among friends.
  • Special trade is allowed between the 24th-25th June.

Pokemon Go Field Notes Deino Four Star Raid

A window was also opened by the developer to allow players to enjoy community day events. Players participating in a raid with four stars on the 25th of June between 2 and 7, should look for blue-colored raid eggs, and be ready to fight Zweilous.

Deino can appear in the wild when he wins on the Pokemon

Within 300 meters of Gym, for next 30 minutes.

Final verdict

The monthly Pokemon Go Event will be held on the 25th June, according to the local time in every country. The Pokémon Go Field Notes Deino is the perfect opportunity to get the shiny Deino for all your rewards and bonuses. Are you planning on participating in this event Gamers can comment on the event by using the comments section.