A sufficient supply of life-giving water ensures quenching thirst. It is professional to have a correctly installed, high-quality, and automated reticulation system. Reticulation systems deliver the one liquid we cannot live without. Hence, it is worth investigating.

Our comprehensive guide to Perth reticulation systems has everything you need to know about them. From what a reticulation system is to what elements to consider when installing one to the most common Perth reticulation repair issues and how to prevent them.

What Exactly Is A Reticulation System?

A reticulation system continuously watered gardens and lawns. Reticulation provides peace of mind by evenly and effectively watering a garden, which you may configure to your preferences, as well as local irrigation periods and schedules.

Reticulation can be a simple process that improves the landscape and property value if the right supplier is selected. When selecting a reticulation system installation, look for a business that:

  • It is an ecologically concerned company looking for a water-wise solution.
  • Ensures that the design is matched to the gardening needs and local environmental limits.
  • Consider the overall attractiveness of the landscape, placing sections of the system underground where necessary to enhance the pleasure of the garden design.
  • It is a competent and experienced Perth reticulation installation firm.
  • High-quality materials and parts are utilised for the system’s lifetime.
  • Guarantees that the reticulation system is designed and installed specifically for the home.

Important Elements To Consider

Before installing a reticulation system, you should get acquainted with the following elements.

Select The Best Installer For Reticulation System

The main step is to select a reticulation system firm specialising in the maintenance and installation of reticulation systems.


Appropriate, high-quality products are essential for a reticulation system that should survive and need few repairs in the long run. Purchasing low-cost reticulation system components will usually result in more significant problems since an expert retic controller will fail sooner – an expensive business if those damaged, leaky parts are buried underground!

You may spend more in the near term, but you will reap the advantages for the whole life of our system.

Some of the common elements of a reticulation system may include:

  • The Controller

The controller, also known as the water management system, enables us to regulate how often and for how long the garden is watered, whether you are away or at home.

  • Flow Rate

You should carefully assess the water pressure since it is critical for a well-built reticulation system. It enables you to precisely zone the Perth reticulation system, ensuring that every zone is adequately watered.

  • Piping

Any reticulation system’s success is dependent on piping. In this technique, two kinds of pipe materials are employed. PVC is utilised for mainlines, grass, and polyp pipe for garden beds.

  • Solenoids

Solenoid valves are in-line valves that enable water flow according to the opening and shutting by the programmes set into the controller.

The Most Frequent Perth Reticulation Repair Issues And Ways To Avoid Them

A reticulation system will need regular troubleshooting and maintenance. Simple solutions may be available, while more severe difficulties may need the assistance of a professional retic controller.

Here are some of the most frequent reticulation issues that may need repair in a system, as well as some facts to assist you in figuring out what’s going on.

The Irrigation Keeps Restarting Or Turning On At Odd Times

When employing a dual programme controller, additional start times are a typical source of issues. You have directed it to run the same information twice if you have the same data in two programmes for the same stations. Examine the code to remove any unnecessary start times. This issue may also be caused by duplicating information in many programmes.

Dripper Issues

There might be several issues if you have many drip emitters that are not even working. If all of your emitters have excessive flow rates, the issue is almost certainly a faulty pressure regulator. If it’s only one or two of them, they may need to be replaced. The poly tubing might have been broken, allowing dirt to enter the system.

Solenoid Valves

Because valves are just on/off switches, there are only two conceivable failures. The solenoid, also known as a coil, consists of a casing, a diaphragm, a spring, and, sometimes, a manual override screw or switch. Irrigation valves open and shut using both electrical and hydraulic power. A valve has minimal moving components and may be readily fixed.

The Controller Does Not Respond Regardless, Whatever Button Is Pressed

Electronic-type controllers may freeze or lock up due to a power surge. Don’t be alarmed; most of the time, no lasting harm occurs. All you need to do is switch off the controller for a few seconds. If the symptoms persist after completing this method, contact the manufacturer or a trained irrigation professional.

Low Water Pressure

It is one of the biggest causes of poor garden and lawn coverage. It is simple to fix since low water pressure is usually caused by a blockage, bad hardware, damaged pipes, or backend difficulties. When the water company reduces the water pressure and flow, the remedy often reconfigures the system.


Everyone’s watering requirements are unique. It all relies on the area to be covered, the kind of soil, the existing plants, and other elements. The garden will benefit from one or both Perth reticulation systems, or you might only require a drip watering system.

Beyond Perth reticulation offers specialists in the industry and the experience to install the best reticulation system solution for you, regardless of demands, little or huge areas. They can assist with all planning, decisions, and reticulation system installation. They will also use the best water-saving products, giving you a feeling of security.