Are you searching for information about has become a very popular ecommerce site in the United States. You can find a range of goods on their website, from clothing to decor items.

There are many websites that offer the same service online. The majority of these sites are scams. was a website that we reviewed. Pencus Review for more information.

Pancus has an extensive range of products. You can find a variety of products, including bras, pants, shoes, backpacks, and even cargo pants for men and ladies. They also have products for the garden and home. They promise to provide the best quality products and meet your expectations.

Our committed employees and strategic partnerships collaborate with us in order to carry out research and design the products that are most useful for our customers. Our Is Pencus Legit will help you decide if this store is right for you.

What is’s specifications?

  • Website URL –
  • Portal age – less that 6 Months
  • Contact Number – No data uploaded.
  • Email Address –
  • Social Media Links – No data available.
  • Address of the company – 68 Circular Road, #02-01, 049422 Singapore
  • Delivery Time: Between 10 and 25 Working Days
  • Shipping Costs – Above $79, All Products Ship Free
  • Return Time – Days are not mentioned.
  • Refund Time – Within 15 days
  • Exchange Time: Days are not mentioned.
  • Payment Options: American Express, PayPal Visa Mastercard Mastercard, Visa and Discover

To know the pros and cons to buying products from Pencus com, please read Pencus Comments

What’s the Best Part About Buying Products From

  • The site offers a wide variety of products.
  • The website has HTTPS security.
  • You will receive huge discounts.
  • They ship to all the major countries.

What’s the downside to buying a product on

  • We are unable to provide social media connections or links.
  • The return policy and the Exchange policy are not explicitly mentioned.
  • The products that are available on the site can be very expensive.
  • There are no details about the owner.

Is Pencus Legit?

Many online scams exist today. Online scammers are everywhere nowadays. We need to take precautions when shopping at unreliable retailers. Be aware of the following things before you buy items online. There are many ways for scammers to con you.

  • Date of domain name registration – The website becomes valid on 06/07/2022.
  • The domain expires on 06/07/2023.
  • Originality of the Address – This address is incorrect.
  • Ownership Information- These details about the owner are not included.
  • Alexa Rank – The global rank pencus is 9205316 according to Alexa. This means that the website does not have a lot of traffic.
  • Customer Reviews – Yes, Pencus user reviews are available on the website.
  • Content Quality – The site’s information is incorrect and seems to have been copied from another type of website.
  • Index Rank – Pencus’s index rank is 39.9 out 100. This means that it is suspicious.
  • Policies – The site’s policy has 50% of the original content, while the other half is copied from scam sites.
  • Social Media Links and Connections – There are not any social media connections on this site.
  • Trust Score: The site’s trust score was 2%. This index score is very poor.
  • Unrealistic Discounts-They offer up to 50% off all of their products

Customer Pencus reviews

Our research suggests that even though the site provides customer reviews, these reviews may have been edited and falsified. We therefore checked other platforms and could not find any reviews.

The Final Verdict

Pancus, an online retailer, offers a large selection of products. Pancus sells many items, including cargo pants, bras for women and backpacks for men. They also offer products for the house and garden. Unfortunately, the website is not reliable. Our Pencus reviews are a good place to start before buying anything from the website.