IndieFist Horror Games has made a rare horror game for those who like the feeling of horror in a dark world but hate gore, violence, and killing. That game is Nightmare Gate. Let’s see what’s good about it!

Introduce Nightmare Gate

Find a way out of the horrible nightmare world.

Nightmare Gate tells the terrifying story of a boy who, after being kidnapped by demons, tries to return to the surface by going through the different hells during his ascent.
Will was alone in his bed, tucked in by his mother, who had just left the room and shut the door behind her. He felt safe and comforted by a small night lamp that projected fantastic images on the walls of his room, so he inevitably fell asleep.

Never listen to strangers and follow them at night

The plot of Nightmare Gate revolves around the boy Will. Like every day, after being hugged, kissed, and caressed by his mother, the boy alone on the bed was staring at the yellow nightlight and the vague images in the room to slowly fall asleep. Suddenly a strange voice said, “Will, Will, Will, Will, come play with us, there’s a lot of good stuff here”. Curiously, Will followed where the strange voice came from. And he discovered behind his wardrobe was a secret door. At this time, his mother said, “Sleep, Will”. Will startled, opened his eyes, and found himself still lying on the bed… Phew, it turned out to be just a nightmare.

Little boy Will continued his nap, but he couldn’t help but be curious. The wardrobe door was already open ajar. “Or it is real, not a dream”, the strange voice sounded invitingly again. It reminded the boy to go downstairs where Will’s sister was having fun. Will stooped down the stairs so that he could not be seen when he crossed his parents’ room. Down the stairs, Will saw his sister still wearing her pet cosplay and doing something. Before Nancy could answer, a strange arm pulled her to the underfloor. Will frantically ran after them, but then also dragged into it with unconsciousness.

Waking up, Will found himself with Nancy in a red room with bizarre items. In the middle of the table is a green apple which is a marker for his upcoming adventure in this monstrous Nightmare world. There was the door opening sound, and a monster used its large hideous hand to pull Nancy away. Will had to stoop to hide out right after that monster had forgotten to close the door.

Catching Will’s eyes was the sight of hundreds of cages scattered everywhere. In each cage was a baby, like Will, like Nancy. A child whispered to him, “Go very softly so that he cannot hear. And hide behind these cages, so it won’t see you.” From this moment, Will officially entered the Hell of Dreams. Only by finding the secret to close this nightmare door can he save himself, his sister, and hundreds of children here. And you, like Will, are you ready to fight the devil of dreams?


Nightmare Gate has 3 game modes: Story, Nightmare Pass, and Battle.

In Story Mode, at an average difficulty level, you will play with the entire scene according to the available design of the game maker. As for Ghost Mode, there will be more levels, and much more challenging when you have to find ways and objects to hide from monsters.

In the Battle Pass Mode, you will have arenas with different scenes to play the hide and seek game and find a way to kill the nightmare monster. You will be thrown into a maze or the labyrinth that looks very horror with different difficulty levels.

Nightmare Gate: Horror show with Battle Pass
When everything is quite simple at the first few levels, you need to quickly upgrade your character and give him some unique skills such as invisibility or activating radar.

Playing this game, you don’t have to think too much because Will himself is just a child. Almost every hint in the game has specific instructions. You just need to follow and let the game lead the way. All actions of the character are displayed on the screen. On the left is navigation, on the right is skills, and how to move (stand up, sit down)… You can just follow them.

Importantly, NEVER LET A GHOST CATCH YOU. To survive is to have an adventure and to have hope to live. The longer you live, the more chances you can get to the end.

Graphics and sound

The 3D graphics in Nightmare Gate are not perfect, but enough to make you cringe, especially when combined with the classic jumpscare phases of the bugaboo threatening the kids. I have to praise the color scheme in the game. Once you get into the nightmare world, the entire color tone of the game turns crimson. Everything thus becomes suddenly threatening and shocking, sending the player literally from heaven to hell. The game also becomes much more thrilling compared to the initial introduction.

The game also does not have too many complicated lighting or motion effects. The sounds are just lightly suspenseful. However, it is the action progression of the characters that will make your heart stop many times.

Download Nightmare Gate MOD APK for Android

You like horror games but don’t want to see blood and gore, and don’t want to fight or kill? You just want to see another world and face human fear? If yes, you should play this game. Gentle horror one like this is so rare in the game market.