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NiceWeiss.com is an internet-based store located in the United Kingdomthat sells various housewares as well as clothing, shoes, and other accessories. The NiceWeiss.com ship its products worldwide. NiceWeiss.com gained popularity due to its sale of famous products at greater than 50% off. A variety of electronic items were advertised in NiceWeiss.com to be used as accessories.

If you’re looking to purchase items from NiceWeiss.com We suggest you go through Nice Weiss reviews to verify its authenticity.


NiceWeiss.com an online store, is a store that aims to offer high-quality items that reflect the most recent fashions in the world of fashion. However the “About Us” and “Contact Us’ sections on the site is generic and can be found on a variety of websites online. In addition, the site’s content is also stolen from numerous websites that are available on the internet.

A few of the most sought-after items of the 84 items that are available that are available on NiceWeiss.com are:

  • Wooden cuddling animals hand-carved from wood
  • External solid-state drive portable
  • Large capacity, soft shoulder bag made of leather embossed with leather
  • Jumbo bean large comfy sack

Features to test Are Good Weiss Legit :

  • Buy clothes at: https://www.niceweiss.com/.
  • Social media hyperlinks:not present on NiceWeiss.com.
  • Price:between PS5.93 to PS200.43.
  • Physical Address:Landbase Trading co.,1st floor,Beaconsfield msam-40 Junction-2,Beaconsfield-A355 Windsor dr,Beaconsfield,Bucking Hamshire,Englan-HP92SE.
  • Review by Customers and Blogs:not included on NiceWeiss.com.
  • General Terms and Conditionspresent in NiceWeiss.com but it was discovered that plagiarism had been found.
  • Policy on Privacy:present at NiceWeiss.com but plagiarism was detected.
  • Contact phone number+447723598988 to contact the NiceWeiss.com head-office.
  • store locator It is not possible to look up stores on NiceWeiss.com is not available.
  • delivery:Clothing is delivered within 1 to 2 weeks via NiceWeiss.com.
  • shipping:it takes one to three business days to deliver your order from NiceWeiss.com. NiceWeiss.com offers free shipping through UPS as well as USPS.
  • Nice Weiss Reviews on Tracking policy:Possible on third party websites like https://www.17track.net/en.
  • The Returns Policy Each item has to be returned by 14 business days , excluding personalized products.
  • Cancellation Policy:not present on NiceWeiss.com. The policy is stated only the fact that sales made internationally are final.
  • Returns The policy on refunds is provided, however it does not provide the channels of refund and the timeframe.
  • Email address:support@NiceWeiss.com.
  • Modal payment:debit card and credit card payments are accepted as well as PayPal payment is acceptable by GBP(PS).
  • newsletterscustomer is able to update their address by visiting NiceWeiss.com to be able to sign up for newsletters.
  • The owner’s details:NiceWeiss.com uses internet censorship to hide the website owner, according to data from Nice Weiss Reviews.


  • There aren’t many benefits of purchasing at NiceWeiss.com apart from the fact that it provides enormous discount and shipping for free.


  • There is no limit on the quantity that is ordered by the customer since it allows you to place orders for millions of items at once
  • The physical address listed on the website can’t be shown on the map of NiceWeiss.com establishment.
  • Orders are delivered via USPS or UPS. However, it is advised to track your orders on https://www.17track.net/en

Is NiceWeiss.com Legitimate?

  • NiceWeiss.com Creation:08th October 2021 at 09:19:17 AM.
  • NiceWeiss.com Updated the08th 10th October, 2021 09:19:17 am.
  • Nice Weiss Reviews on NiceWeiss.com Expiry:08th October 2022 at 09:19:17 AM.
  • NiceWeiss.com Age:2 months and 11 days old.
  • Trust Index: NiceWeiss.com receives a pathetic 22% trust rating.
  • Alexa ranking:NiceWeiss.com gets a poor ranking on Alexa, which is 5,891,716.
  • Origin of the site:Country of Origin for NiceWeiss.com was concealed.
  • Status of Blacklisting:NiceWeiss.com did not get blacklisted by any blacklisting engine.
  • score for malware:75/100, considered terrible.
  • Web sites with suspicious proximity:17/100 considered terrible.
  • score for Phishing:78/100 It is regarded as a terrible scam.
  • Risk Profile78/100 as rated terrible.
  • Spam score:63/100 It is regarded as a pity.
  • Connection Security:NiceWeiss.com sends the data on HTTPS protocol.
  • Social connections:@Niceweiss is present on Facebook with just the 199 followers. verified to confirm whether Nice Weiss Legit?
  • Person to contact:NiceWeiss.com did not specify who to contact.
  • Contact for the owner:hidden by NiceWeiss.com by using internet censorship.

Customers NiceWeiss.com Reviews:

There were five reviews of websites for NiceWeiss.com published on the internet. The reviews included two YouTube reviews that suggested NiceWeiss.com may be a scam and three reviews posted on the sites also claimed the possibility that NiceWeiss.com is a fraud.

There are no product reviews feedback from customers, ratings or reviews available through the web, Facebook and review sites. However the reviews of products were posted on NiceWeiss.com and the majority of reviews were scored 5 stars. Thus, these reviews are not genuine.


Nice Weiss Reviews concludes that it is a scam.NiceWeiss.com is a rip-off. NiceWeiss.com was registered for a year , but has achieved the lowest Alexa rating.