This Nhuitm reviews post will help buyers to learn more about the shop. Read this post to find out the truth about Nhuitm’s legitimacy and other features.

Are you looking to purchase embroidered products? You can visit the Nhuitm store in the United States. It has an incredible selection of embroidered products. Because of its incredible products, the shop is rapidly gaining popularity. People are also keenly interested to know more about Nhuitm.

This Nhuitm Shop Reviews article will examine the Nhuitm shop’s legitimacy and features. To let buyers know if the Nhuitm store is worth their money, read the entire article.

Overview Nhuitm shop

Nahum, an ecommerce website international B2B that sells fashion online, believes everyone has the right to experience its beauty. The shop sells mainly women’s clothing. Although the shop sells products at a low price and offers discounts, everyone can purchase the products. These products are offered by the shop to their customers.

  • Embroidered dress
  • Embroidered cap
  • Tapestry Corsets
  • Women’s cloth
  • Bags

Is Nhuitm Legit The shop sells all kinds of accessories and clothing for women. Are they offering their customers fair deals? Before buying from any website, it’s important to confirm its legitimacy. To determine whether the shop’s legitimacy, it is essential to assess the mentality and the evaluation of the customer. Continue reading to learn more about fraud and scams.

Features of Nhuitm

  • Buy embroidered caps at
  • Address Details: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ
  • Phone Details: N/A
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • The Nhuitm reviews product pages don’t include a comment section. This is a disadvantage.
  • Payment Methods: This website offers all major payment options, including Paypal and master cards, as well as debit cards.
  • Return Policy: This policy allows you to return your item within 14 days.
  • Shipping Cost: N/A
  • Shipping policy: Customers are provided with shipping within 7-15 business days.

Positive Highlight

  • You will find a wide range of products on this website.
  • The site accepts nearly every method of payment.

Negative Highlight

  • You will receive a 15% discount on your refund after 24 hours.
  • There is no comment area on the website.
  • The site doesn’t have any links to social media platforms.

Is Nhuitm Illegitimate?

Nhuitm must fulfill certain criteria to be trusted. We’ve listed below the characteristics that customers can use to determine if it’s legit or a scam. To learn more, please read carefully.

  • Registrar Nhuitm is registered under the NameSilo, LLC
  • Trust Index – The website scored a trust score of 2% on the trust protocol. This is low trust score.
  • Website Registration: May 13, 2022. The website registration has a 1 month life expectancy.
  • Customer reviews: The Nhuitm Review Shop has no review and Google doesn’t have any review. This makes it seem suspicious.
  • Data Security: Customers are safe with HTTPS.
  • Social media: Although the website links to social networks accounts, these links are dead. This gives the website a suspicious appearance.
  • Policy: If the customer would like to learn more about the shop’s policies, the website provides all of the necessary information regarding returns, shipping, exchange, and return.
  • Missing information: The website contains all the necessary information.

Nhuitm Reviews

Nhuitm website provides all information required, including mail ID, address, and so on. There is however some information missing, such as shipping cost. There is also no product review section, so there aren’t any product reviews. There are no reviews on Google about the product. This shop also listed dead links on social media platforms. Therefore, it seems suspicious and unsafe to shoppers.

The customer should stay away from this type of online shopping. You can also check these points to Avoid Credit card scams.


The Nhuitm reviews have concluded. It is clear that this website has a long history and a low trust score. The following factors can be used to help the buyer determine the website. To avoid being scammed by PayPal, buyers should take certain steps.