There are several benefits to storing marijuana seeds rather than simply putting them in soil and allowing them to grow. You may have some seeds left over from your new favorite cannabis strain but lack the room to cultivate them where you reside. 

You might also purchase seeds for later use when you have time and energy to continue your weed growing project. Or perhaps you want to hold on to those precious genes until you find another strain to cross them with.  

Regardless of the reason, you need to ensure your marijuana seeds remain viable. Some strains of marijuana have been reported to sprout after as long as ten years when stored properly.

However, proper storage is more complicated than it looks. This is because seeds will sprout for any reason, and there are a variety of cues that tell seeds when the time is perfect for spreading their roots and shoots.

Why Is Proper Seed Storage Necessary

Cannabis seeds can last for up to 10 years if stored properly. Seed preservation is essential for a variety of reasons. For starters, you may have developed a unique, high-quality strain and wish to preserve the seeds to propagate it later.

Moreover, residents in areas where cannabis activism and reform have been prominent may be storing seeds of their favorite strains in preparation for when marijuana becomes legal. 

Whatever the case, carefully storing your marijuana seeds can help keep them from decaying or becoming diseased by the time you’re ready to plant them in the ground.

The following are some of the best ways to keep your medical marijuana seeds safe and fresh for as long as possible.

Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum-sealed bags can be used to store Cannabis seeds. They enclose the seeds, preventing any oxygen from coming in contact with them. It’s also possible to keep many seeds in one bag. 

You can use the vacuum-sealed bag on its own or put it into a small container. Both ways work, and your seeds will stay dormant for a specified time. You can ask the vendors where to buy marijuana seeds for the best seed storage practices while using vacuum-sealed bags.


A fridge is a great place to store your seeds for a long time. You should, however, ensure that your seeds don’t spoil in your refrigerator. It’s essential to place your seeds in cool-resistant plastic bags before refrigerating them. Furthermore, you should prevent light from entering the fridge since it can harm the seeds.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are an excellent choice for storing seeds for long-term storage since they don’t allow water in. It’s also possible to keep large quantities of medical cannabis seeds in these jars because they come in large sizes.

It’s possible to regulate the humidity inside the jar by placing a desiccate pack. Additionally, cotton balls can separate the seeds from the pack and absorb excess moisture. To store your seeds long-term, seal the jar with a tight cap or cover it with an opaque cloth.

Mylar Bags

You can store cannabis seeds effectively for up to a half-decade by vacuum-sealing them in thick Mylar bags. Since the bags are for long-term storage, they’ll keep your marijuana seeds safe if you keep them at the appropriate humidity (a desiccant pack can aid with this) and out of direct sunlight. If you’re going to store marijuana seeds in the fridge, this is one of the better solutions.

Paper Envelopes

For short-term storage of Cannabis seeds, you can put them in envelopes. Using a standard mailing envelope is fine. To protect the seeds from light, make sure the envelope is thick. Keeping the seeds in the dark place with no germination agent is one way to make them dormant and prevent sprouting. 

A desiccant pack or grains of rice can be used to regulate moisture within the envelope to ensure seeds are safe. You must also store the envelope indoors to avoid it being damaged by poor weather.

Optimal Storage Conditions For Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds must be maintained under specific temperature and humidity settings since they are living organisms. Otherwise, their germination potential will deteriorate with time. Most grow shops, and seed providers keep their seeds in refrigerated chambers, which creates the ideal condition for them to last as long as possible. 

Temperatures ranging between 4º and 8ºC and humidity levels between 10% and 20% are suitable for keeping cannabis seeds healthy.

Seeds should also be kept separate from any light source since this is yet another factor that can injure your seeds and reduce their germination potential. If preserved in excellent conditions, cannabis seeds can last for more than 7-8 years, although this can go down to a few years (2-3) if these requirements aren’t followed.

Final Thoughts

Because marijuana seeds are very costly, you need to know how to store them correctly to avoid wasting money and effort. Storage shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t plan on storing medical cannabis seeds for a long time. However, it’s still preferable to keep them out of direct sunlight. If the temperature and humidity are appropriate, a dark closet will suffice in this instance.

You can store your seeds in any of the methods above to reap the full benefits of Cannabis and its cultivation in the future. You can also look at other techniques for preserving your seeds. Specialists in cannabis cultivation can also advise you on the best approach to store the strain you desire.