Are you looking Martoxa Reviews? Are you interested in buying a PlayStation to play gaming? Do you desire to style your hair with different tools? Do you want to get a gazebo or a grill for your back yard? Do you desire to buy an air fryer or espresso maker to enhance your cooking?

Martoxa in United States possesses all of these items. This article will tell you everything about the site. This will give you all the information about the website and Does Martoxa Legit.

A brief description of Martoxa is an ecommerce site that sells various items, such as mikes, ovens. espresso machines. It appears to be a replica. Let’s learn more about it and determine if it is safe.

Martoxa claims Martoxa can sell the following:

  • Gazebo
  • ovens
  • Air fryers
  • hair dryer
  • hair stylers
  • Play station
  • espresso machine
  • SD card reader
  • wristwatch
  • canon camera
  • camcorder
  • Drone
  • Fridge

Let’s then examine its legitimacy.

Specification based upon Martoxa Reviews

  • Order products from by visiting
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number at +14149394078
  • Contact: 12901 East 86th Street N. Owasso OK
  • Zip code:12901
  • Delivery terms Products are only shipped within the USA
  • Privacy Terms and Conditions: You can find the terms and condition on the site.
  • Tracking: Email will provide tracking information.
  • Cancellation: The site doesn’t offer any cancellation terms
  • Return : The site claims to instantly return money after returning the item
  • Martoxa: Newsletters
  • Help, FAQ: Find them below every product
  • Customer Reviews The site has blogs and customer testimonials .
  • Shipping policy – This policy provides shipping for between 7 and 14 days.

The Pros – Is Martoxa Legit ? :

  • Valid SSL certificate
  • The site contains all policies and information for customers.
  • Delivery is available only to US citizens. Returns are not permitted.
  • Site offers email address and phone number. It is easy to see from the customer’s perspective.
  • Customer convenience is assured by the availability of a specific location.

Confirmations in Meftala’s review

  • Clients may conclude that Martoxa has a low trust score, and therefore think -is Martoxa secure?
  • The site is now empty and there are far fewer items available.
  • The authority page cannot access the requests of clients.
  • It is unknown if Alexa score was found. This means that the site is not well-known, rendering Martoxa unremarkable.

Is Martoxa a scam?

  • Web: Martoxa
  • Martoxa birth date:Martoxa, registered on 2022.07.17. This is an unusual website. We question its legitimacy.
  • Martoxa expires the domain will expire at 2023.07.17
  • Products they sell ovens and playstations.
  • Camera etc.
  • Delivery times:7-14 days
  • Trustindex:the Martoxa trust index is around 1%. This makes it a red alert for users. Martoxa is also ranked zero on Alexa.
  • Social media linkswe did not find any social networks
  • Threat profile91/100
  • Phishing score35/100
  • Suspicious website:23/100
  • Malware score34/100
  • Spam score91/100
  • Optional payment methods:Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, Mastercard or American Express.

Martoxa Martoxa Reviews submitted by customers

Customer’s review:

Martoxa boasts 77 reviews, with five-star rating on the website. Yet, there is no thought on Martoxa on any other site or online via any other platform such as YouTube or google. It is brand-new, only six months old. This makes it questionable as to its legitimacy. So it would be prudent to wait until you make any purchase on this site.


Martoxa’s review is suspicious because it contains reviews from its site. The review doesn’t contain comments on any other sites, nor online. Also, this site has just been created and does not have a Alexa. Furthermore, the trust index for the site is very low at 1%. Also, the site seems vacant. Waiting for more reviews to be added is a good idea before purchasing.