Are you looking to purchase shoes online? Many online shops sell shoes. Today, however, we will be focusing on a particular shoe store. Mantle is the name of this store. It has been reacted to a lot by people from the United State.

We are now going to talk about the website’s facts and details. This will be done in a matter of minutes. We recommend that readers check out our Mantle Reviews before purchasing from this site. This will ensure that there are no problems later.

A Brief Introduction to the Website

This e-commerce website was founded in 2022. This site is known for selling only shoes. They sell sneakers and sports shoes. They do sell shoes from top-end brands like Nike, Dunk, and Air Jordan.

Their products are also very expensive. Their products are not currently available for sale. The website offers free shipping to all parts of the world. The website URL and portal names may not be the same. Let’s look at the facts about this website to determine if it is Mantle Legit, or vice versa.

Specifications for the Mantle Website

  • Domain Age – This website is brand new, having been created just 1.5 months ago on 2022/07/12.
  • Products Offered- This site specializes in shoes.
  • Delivery Options- The delivery time to the US is estimated at 7-15 days.
  • Email Address – Connect to them via
  • Contact Number – There is no contact number.
  • Company Address- Their company address is not visible on the website.
  • Return Policy –Products may be returned within 30 calendar days after their delivery.
  • Exchange Policy – You may exchange your products.
  • Payment Forms – You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, etc.
  • Refund Policy –Find out through Mantle Review PayPal. A credit card refund will also be sent to the account within three to fifteen days.
  • Newsletter-Newsletter is not available on this website.
  • Next, we’ll discuss the positive and the negative aspects of this site.

Positive Aspects Of The Mantle Website

  • Positive sign is that the website is protected by HTTPS protocol.

Negative Aspects Of The Mantle Website

  • The newsletter is currently unavailable.
  • Customers are disappointed that discounts are not offered.
  • This website does not have any social media accounts.
  • We couldn’t find any customer feedback.
  • They have not provided real and complete contact details.
  • Websites have a very short life expectancy. The question Is the Mantle Legit arises.
  • The names of the Url and Portal are different.

Is this a legitimate site?

We will examine the website’s parameters to determine if it is legitimate or fraudulent.

  • Website Foundation Date – This website was created on 2022/07/12 and cannot be trusted.
  • Website Validation date-Website is valid until 2023/07/12. This is about a year.
  • Trust Score – This website scored only 2% which isn’t very impressive.
  • Owner Details- Get to Know via Mantle Review. The owner details are kept secret.
  • Trust Ranking – trust rank is not available.
  • Customer Feedback – This website doesn’t have any customer feedback.
  • Social media accounts –Social Media presence is not available.
  • Address Authentication-Company address is unavailable.
  • Policies – All policies are available.
  • Content Quality- The about us content has been 100% plagiarized.
  • Discounts –Discounts not available

Customer Comments

According to our research, there is not any customer feedback. Customers have not yet provided feedback to the website. They also don’t have any article-based reviews. However, some Mantle Reviews have been found. This website is not well-known. The most important factor in determining a website’s legitimacy is its customer reviews. However, this section is lacking.


This website is very new and has a low trust score. There is no social media presence. Their contact information is not reliable and there are no Reviews. This makes it appear that the website is suspect.