Would you like to gift your children by having an interactive toy? Are the children fascinated with magical tools? Let’s say they might create their very own play pet using magic and spells? Will it seem unreal? Well, it’s possible, and also to understand how, please look at this article.

In the current write-up, we’ve covered the special moment Mixies Magic Pink Review, which kids from Canada, the U . s . States, and also the Uk are excited to discover and own. So please look at this review to understand more.

What’s Magic Mixies Magic Pink?

Magic Mixies is definitely an interactive toy assemblage which includes a cauldron and special ingredients to produce mist. The consumer must tap the wand and recite spells for that magical concoction to obtain changed into the mist, of that a luxurious toy named the special moment Mixie seems.

The plush pet is embedded with sensors and helps to create sounds and reactions in line with the user’s actions. If you’re considering presenting this for your children, please browse the Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review to determine. Kids may also have fun with this toy with no mist, as there’s a change to alter the mode.


•           Price – $69.99 (as suggested through the manufacturer).

•           Weight – 2.43 pounds

•           Dimensions – 9.25 x 7.91 x 8.27 (inches).

•           Power Supply Body Lithium battery of two.96Wh and three LR44 batteries.

•           Rechargeable – Yes

•           Age Recommendation – Not below 5 years.

•           Components in Package – Cauldron with plush, wand, magic ingredients, USB cable, batteries, spellbook, and instructions.

•           Magic Ingredients in Details – Dissolvable papers, paper scroll, single-use fizz powder and dissolvable soap, and vegetable glycerine.

•           Colors Available – Pink and Blue (Within this write-up, we’ve pointed out information regarding the special moment Mixies Magic Pink Review).

•           Refills – Not incorporated, offered individually.


Please discover the strengths of the product.

•           Children may use their imagination and inventive power while having fun with this toy rather to be glued to the pc, phone, or TV screens.

•           Users can refill and reuse the product.

•           The toy set is rechargeable.


We’ve pointed out below some cons of the toy set.

•           The operation of the toy involves chemicals and electricity, which can be hazardous if it doesn’t function correctly.

•           As the toy is of interest, it can lead to addiction among kids. It is really an important facet in regards to the Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review, and fogeys may re-think its purchase thinking about this time.

Is Magic Mixies Magic Pink Legit?

If you’re still wondering if you should buy this toy for the children, it will likely be useful to discover the authenticity from the manufacturer’s brand. The below details will allow you to determine about buying the product.

•           Manufacturer Brand – Moose Toys.

•           Brand Age – twenty five years. The web site creation date is 30 May 1996.

•           Brand Trust Score – 76%, which falls underneath the group of a typical Trust Index.

•           Social Media Connection – Concerning the Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review, the brand’s official web site is associated with its social networking profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

•           Alexa Ranking – 147,107, that is a moderate rank.

•           Contact Information – The portal contains valid addresses and telephone figures of their locations in a number of countries around the world.

•           Customer Reviews – Because the official website is not purchased its products, there aren’t any testimonials around the brand portal. However, the internet stores selling products of the brand contain testimonials about this.

Thinking about the above mentioned particulars, it’s very-obvious the make of our subject method is legit and safe to indulge.

Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review

The shoppers have published genuine, impartial, and mixed reviews around the online retail platforms in regards to this product. Most buyers are highly pleased with the creativeness level and functioning of the product and also have expressed their gratitude with respect to their children and grandkids. However, some buyers have pointed out within their Amazon . com reviews about Magic Mixies the product can’t be used following the one-time ingredients are finished.

The Ultimate Verdict

According to our researched details concerning the Magic Mixies by Moose Toys, you are able to proceed with purchasing this toy because the Magic Mixies Magic Pink Review is mainly positive. However, please understand how to Evaluate The Authenticity From The Product before purchasing it.