Koloro MOD APK is a professional photo editing application, which is highly appreciated today on the mobile platform. Just download the app and you will have in hand a huge Lightroom Preset store from famous photographers.

Introduce about Koloro – Presets for Lightroom

Do you want to give a special color to your slightly popular photos? Famous Bloggers can somehow edit their photos very quickly and beautifully. “I also want to have a beautiful picture like that” is the thought that has been running around your brain for a long time. As from the reviews and advice on the internet, we may know that to get a perfect photo like that, it is necessary to use Lightroom or better, using Photoshop, or neater, using the app. But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use Lightroom nor Photoshop, while the photo editing apps are numerous, which one to choose?

I only have one answer to all the confusion you may face: Koloro.

What is Koloro?

Koloro is a photo editing application like the ones you may have tried. But it is especially powerful and highly professional. Moreover, it is extremely easy to operate, anyone who does not know anything about Lightroom can still do it.

Did such a brief introduction excite you? Let’s see the excitement doubles when going into the details now!

First, you upload your photo (one or more) on Koloro. Then select one to continue to the Home page of the application. Here, you will see icons: the circle is the Presets, the icon of the stacked shapes is the Effects, the rest is the Basic and Advanced Image Editor and the Crop tool.

When you click on each icon, you will see the corresponding library. Now, let’s go into each one.

The Lightroom preset in Koloro is unbeatable

Preset is an output file that carries the adjustment parameters of the image during the entire editing process. It can be called a “set of recipes” available. You just need to apply it to your image and the image will be adjusted following the same editing parameters without having to redo it little by little. Using Preset helps to reduce time and effort and always ensures image uniformity because it can be applied in several images very quickly.

Professional photographers always have their own “unique” presets. Usually, you can order directly from the owner, or simply download from the sharing sites of all levels of premium, medium, and mass. The common point of great presets is that they all have very impressive color effects, such as simulating film colors, classic retro tones, clear watercolors that show natural details well, or yellow light making skin smoother and fresher, …

The highlight of Koloro is of course the collection of Lightroom presets. The library until I wrote this review currently has had more than 500 different presets, with many different styles and colors.

You can find a lot of Lightroom presets that super stars around the world are currently using such as Morandi, Cream, Coco. Minimal, Blogger, Indie Kid, Bali Bay, Cappuccino, Gold & Grey, Pet, Amber, Boho, Spring, Silver Grey, Fall in love, Champagne… Most presets are inspired by many sources such as movies, landscapes, fashion, travel, food… There are also unique themes such as retro & vintage, vacation, light leak, bokeh, black & white, Cyberpunk, foodie, film.

Moreover, in each set, there are many different shades and tones to choose from. In free or free trial mode, you have about 2-3 free presets (Feature, Blogger, and one more present depending on the user’s history of engagement with the app).

A brief guide to the functions in the Presets section of Koloro

On the main screen, in Presets mode, you also see the following items corresponding to an extremely useful function of the app:

  • Recent: is the type of preset you just used to edit previously. This makes the image consistent, and the process is also faster instead of having to re-edit them
  • Recipes: save the preset with the edits you just make to your image for the next editing (you can save a lot of presets as links)
  • Favorite: save all the presets available in the library that you like, it will be better to use them later without having to search for them.

In addition, the upper right corner of the screen has 3 other important icons:

  • Up arrow icon: helps to generate a QR Code for your new image and presets you just use, preview, and Share this Code with your friends so they can make similar images.
  • Down arrow icon: use Import QR Code, Scan QR Code, and enter Recipe Code.
  • Victory tick: is the output command after completing the editing. It includes the Save button, Share on Instagram and Share on other social networks.

When using Koloro, you can not only “use the available items” but also directly adjust and combine multiple presets in the same image, to create a new, unique and impressive Preset. Sharing or downloading a preset is also faster and easier through the QR code scanning and generating system. So simple, right? I think anyone can use it.

In addition to Presets, Koloro also has an extremely impressive Effect lineup

Koloro is also equally powerful in respect of Effects, with a large number of genuine and constantly updated effects. You can use Snowflake to let snowfall on your image, or use the Hacker effect to create a digital space in the background, or add a little Sun Blinds like a ray of sunlight from sunset into your image… Just tap and select, you once again add new effects to transform your image.

How do you feel about Koloro? For me, Koloro is pretty perfect. If you use it for free, there are also 2-4 effects depending on the time you download it, for example, whether it falls on a special offer. But in each Effect, there are many different sub-effects, you can use it freely. And who pays according to the Koloro packages, it will unlock many other impressive Presets and Effects. And your virtual life game then can be extremely beautiful.

Basic and advanced image editing features in Koloro

In addition to Presets and Effects, as well as other photo editing software, Koloro also has an advanced and basic image editing set, allowing you to intervene deeply in image details such as cut, crop, scale, and brighten, dark, contrast, saturation, highlights… This toolkit is quite complete for you to edit photos before or after using Present or Effect.

MOD APK version of Koloro

MOD feature

  • VIP Unlocked

Download Koloro MOD APK for Android

In short, if you want to have photos with beautiful colors and effects like a professional blogger, you must download Koloro to use it right away. With so many Lightroom and Effects presets in all shades and themes like Koloro, it’s hard to find an app worthier than it.