It’s difficult to recall a time before sneakers were commonplace. Whether you’re at work or on the job, for many of us, lacing up a pair of sneakers for men is the only way to finish an outfit as a gentleman or a casual one. Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street, a special exhibition at the Design Museum in London, recognizes the influence trainers have had on culture and fashion. The style’s development is examined in great detail, from underground subcultures to the mainstream. 

Sneakers for Men: Early history

Since engineers discovered they could combine vulcanized rubber and canvas in the early 1900s, running trainers have been a thing. In terms of style, the late 1970s were when sneakers really took off. Because they were fairly expensive and rare, Adidas and Puma sneakers were especially well-liked. This sense that you desire something that is sought persists today. Today, major brands could limit the production of a certain design to increase exclusivity and attractiveness, but in the 1980s, it happened accidentally because Adidas was having distribution problems. Basketball player Michael Jordan signed with Nike when he was just a rookie in 1984, and Air Jordans helped to blur the barrier between sport and fashion.

Basketball players weren’t the only ones joining in on the fun. Converse was also being experimented with by other subcultures in the 1970s and beyond, including skateboarders on the west coast of the US. Basketball player Michael Jordan signed with Nike when he was just a rookie in 1984, and Air Jordans helped to blur the barrier between sport and fashion, as anyone who saw The Last Dance will get to know. Basketball players weren’t the only ones joining in on the fun. In the 1970s and beyond, other subcultures, like skateboarders on the west coast of the US, experimented with sneakers for men.

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What are the top men’s sneakers? 

Well, that depends on the style of shoes you want. You’ll find a mercifully brief summary of every sneaker style worth your time right now down below. Because the finest sneakers for men continue to be some of the best men’s shoes ever, regardless of what the critics (or, uh, trend forecasters) may say. Sneakerheads, get ready!

White sneakers

White sneakers for men are the foundation of the masculine pyramid and are likely to be the pair of shoes you reach for more often than any other in your closet. They are more than just basic wardrobe-essentials. Which explains why a staggering number of them are available, ranging from timeless classics to wild-style flexes. Over the years, we’ve investigated hundreds of possibilities, putting the best ones to the test along the way.

Black sneakers

Black sneakers for men are a strong proponent of the dark side. It turns out that wearing black shoes is not a need for engaging in unlawful conduct, and they are the ideal low-maintenance alternative for any serial splashing.

Walking Shoes

Before now. Given the surge in popularity of running shoes, walking shoes have improved. They still have all the breathable uppers, cushion-heavy outsoles, and essential arch support you need for a long day on your feet, but now they also have the fashionable look as sneakers for men to go with them.

Athletic Shoes

A dependable pair of running shoes is a need if you plan to visit the track or the trails this year. The ideal pair should provide plenty of cushioning, toughness, and energy return. Sneakers for men made specifically for running will astound you, whether you’re a casual enthusiast searching for a new daily trainer or a dedicated half-marathoner looking for a racer that’ll help you demolish your last.

Nike Sneakers

The arduous task is worthwhile when you find the greatest Nike sneakers for men. Since opening its doors in the middle of the 1960s, the Portland-based behemoth has produced hit sneaker after smash sneaker, branching out into lifestyle footwear while maintaining its dedication to athletic excellence.

The Jordan Sneakers

Since Nike unveiled the Air Jordan 1 in 1984, the industry has seen significant upheaval, but the business hasn’t ceased bringing the fire. The AJ1 is still Jordan Brand’s flagship product. It is a longtime favourite of the top names in design and the perfect blank canvas for their most outlandish interpretations. Today, Jordan Brand has a roster of sneakerhead-approved models. Few brands are still as influential—and none have the same cachet—as Jordan Brand, which practically gave birth to modern sneakers for men’s culture.


Sneakers for men, once a representation of athleticism, have evolved beyond their original purpose to become widely desired consumer goods. Sneakers have established themselves as cultural commodities across various industries, from sportswear and street style to men’s fashion. Along with the desire for comfort, the athleisure trend’s continuous dominance has had a substantial impact on the rising sales of sneakers for men. Lockdowns during the pandemic caused people to value comfort even more, which led to an increase in the demand for loungewear, athleisure, and flat shoes like sneakers. Considering that they are waterproof, you can continue your hike in the rain or dress down on days with bad weather by using them as your street-style sneaker.

As a result, sneakers have evolved from a niche item to a sought-after accessory. Sneakerheads, or people who collect and exchange sneakers, are becoming more common, which has helped to keep their cult status. Shoes in limited editions that are linked to a celebrity, hip-hop artist, or athlete are frequently released by Nike and Adidas.

Sneakers for men have contributed to the expansion of the online luxury sector, where footwear is currently the most popular product category. Sneakers for men rule the consumer market in both sports and fashion. They are adaptable and cozy. They are also reasonably priced, which makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking to purchase a few pairs of shoes without blowing a lot of cash. Sneakers are also well-liked since they never go out of style. 

Conversely, despite being widely popular, sneakers continue to be considered stylish cultural icons.