A federal trial is underway in the United States. This will determine whether Oath Keepers or the militia group, which is known for its association with far right, is responsible. This has created a lot of headlines in the media as well as social media. One person named KeepersOath Jessica Watkins will be serving the defense. She is charged with creating ruckus at the Capitol.

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Learn all about the Oath Keepers’ Trial

This article is intended to provide the most accurate and reliable information from credible online sources. Watkins’ trial is significant in that there are fifty other persons on whom proceedings will begin very soon. The prosecution brings a strong accusation against her.

We will also discuss Kelly Meggs. However, there is another suspect who will also be in the spotlight. Stewart Rhodes (leader of OathKeepers) is accused of calling for a civil conflict. He is also the main perpetrator. Oath Keepers is believed be a vocal supporter far right agendas. He would also be tried in Ohio Courts. The attack resulted in injuries to 140 police officers, and the deaths of many others. The investigation is underway, and there will be further reports soon.

What should you expect from Jessica Watkins Keepers Oath?

Jessica Watkins from Ohio is accused of conspiring to kill. It is not clear what defense Jessica Watkins will present. It is possible that the conspirators were involved in a conspiracy to not only follow the crowd but also lead it for other reasons. Watkins also has to be considered for the ulterior motive concept.

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Jessica Watkins is a famous name among her peers. She is often called Captain or Cap. She is a leading member of the Ohio-based far left militia group ‘Oath Keepers. As the trial starts, Oath Jessica Watkins is going to be the focal point of media attention for quite some time. Another 49 people are also being tried. See The leader of the Oath Keeper spoke of “civil war” ahead of the Jan. 6 Capitol attacks-U.S. prosecutors