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Are you interested in purchasing baseball bats, gloves, and balls on the internet from the United States? Do you prefer purchasing baseball bats bearing celebrities’ names or famous teams? Do you prefer buying brand-name baseball equipment to ensure high-quality and durability? Do you want to buy baseball equipment for sale and free shipping?

Please read the following Justbatsusa reviewsto confirm its authenticity. Justbatsusa.com.


Justbatsusa.com is a retail e-store that sells baseball equipment. It is however, Justbatsusa.com takes undue advantage of the name Justbats.com. The physical address mentioned corresponds to Justbats.com.

Justbatsusa.com is currently down and unavailable. It showcased the following items on its website with over 66% discount.

  1. Bats
  2. Baseball
  3. Gloves
  4. Mitts
  5. Equipment for catching
  6. Equipment for training

There is only one way to contact customer service through the inbuilt message window. The payment page is based over PayPal payment and incorrectly informs clients that their orders will be delivered to the address indicated in the PayPal account. It also gives a negative highlight is used to verify If Justbatsusa is Legit.

This policy explains that Justbatsusa.com is keen on acquiring the details of users’ payments. In addition it is trying to confuse customers about delivering their orders on time and in the right place.


  • Buy baseball products at: https://www.justbatsusa.com.
  • Social Media Link:unspecified at Justbatsusa.com.
  • Pricing:between $59.99 to $144.99.
  • Physical address:10800 N Pomona Avenue, Kansas City, MO-64153.
  • customer reviews and Blogs:not present on Justbatsusa.com.
  • The Terms and Conditionsmentioned at Justbatsusa.com.
  • privacy policymentioned at Justbatsusa.com.
  • phone (or) Whatsapp #:unspecified at Justbatsusa.com.
  • Locator of stores:Justbatsusa.com did not mention the physical store’s location.
  • Justbatsusa reviews in Help and FAQ: unspecified on Justbatsusa.com.
  • Shipping PolicyJustbatsusa.com can deliver your order within 15 days.
  • Shipping policy:Justbatsusa.com offers free Worldwide shipping. Orders are processed within two business days.
  • Monitoring:not possible at Justbatsusa.com.
  • Terms of Return:Justbatsusa.com accepts returns for 60 days.
  • Refund policy: unspecified on Justbatsusa.com.
  • Address for email:unspecified via Justbatsusa.com.
  • Modal Pay:via MasterCard, PayPal, UnionPay, and Visa in USUSD.
  • Newsletters provided by Justbatsusa.com.


  • Baseball equipment is available for sale at huge discounts on Justbatsusa.com
  • Its user-friendly user interface is Justbatsusa.com includes search or sorting, filtering and sorting options
  • The product’s description in detail and illustrations are available as per the criteria set by Justbatsusa Review
  • Justbatsusa.com offers free shipping to more than a hundred nations
  • Branded baseball bats branded with names of famous teams are available at Justbatsusa.com


  • The payment method is not listed on the product’s pages as well as during the checkout process.
  • The 60 day policy for return is in contradiction to 30 days return dates on the home page.
  • Insufficient logic and inadequate inventory control of Justbatsusa.com since it permits you to place orders in a limited amount of the same product
  • It is difficult to reach Justbatsusa.com customer service
  • The address listed is fake because it is linked to three distinct sports stores.
  • Insufficient information on refunds as well as the tracking policy

Is Justbatsusa Legal?

  • Justbatsusa.com The date of creation 6th April 2022 at 14 0404:39.
  • Justbatsusa.com Age: fourteen days old.
  • Justbatsusa.com The last update was on: 6th April 2022 at 14:11:32.
  • Justbatsusa.com Expiry Date: 6th April 2023 at 14:04:39.
  • Justbatsusa.com life is expected to last:expired within eleven months and 16 days.
  • Trust Index: Justbatsusa.com has a low trust score of 1.
  • business ranking:Justbatsusa.com is a 14.2 percent ranking for business on the web.
  • Source of Origin:The CoO for Justbatsusa.com is China.
  • Situation of Blacklisting Justbatsusa.com is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status:its IP has an authentic SSL certificate.
  • Risk Profile71/100.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 22/100.
  • Scam Score71/100.
  • Justbatsusa Review about Malware score:58/100.
  • Spam Score16/100.
  • Connect SecurityJustbatsusa.com utilizes a legitimate and secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact Person:unspecified at Justbatsusa.com.
  • Social media: Justbatsusa.com is not visible on social media.
  • Contact information and identity of the owner:censored using services of aliyun.com.

Customer Reviews:Six YouTube reviews and eight online reviews on Justbatsusa.com suggests that it’s possibly a fraud. Reviewers of products aren’t present on Justbatsusa.com.There aren’t any customer reviews and ratings available on the internet as well as through social networks. Justbatsusa.com has the Zero Alexa ranking. So, Learn More About PayPal Rackets The website isas Justbatsusa.com has accepted PayPal.Conclusion:Justbatsusa Reviewers Review of Justbatsusaconclude the following: Justbatsusa.com is an Scam. There is no acknowledgement from the customer about the delivery of the order is available on the web. There are no reviews from customers on Justbatsusa.com. It is the country with the highest risk. Justbatsusa.com has a limited life expectancy , and it scored highly with an assessment of the Threat as well as Phishing profile. Justbatsusa.com is a low credibility, TrustRank and business rating, along with an Alexa score.Learn more about Credit Rackets for Credit Cards Then,as Justbatsusa.com accepts payment via credit cards.Were reviews on Justbatsusa.com informative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below regarding this review on Justbatsusa.com.