Though many people say that the Human Resource department is not really necessary, an organization large enough for it can gain a variety of benefits from it. Not only that, but it is also a good measure to use if you want to gauge how much a company values its employees because HR is mostly the department responsible for making sure that the workers are in a satisfactory environment.

If you are someone who believes that getting an HR graduate certification is not really worth your time or money, then you might want to stick around and read along as we discuss the importance of the HR department itself, as well as the benefits you can get from earning an HR graduate certification. Let’s jump right in!

Importance of HR departments

The HR department has a significant impact on the relationships that exist between workers and inside the organization.

In addition to that, the HR department of a company is in charge of everything from management and resolving disputes to workplace safety, legal compliance, and finances.

Daily human resource management is crucial for the organization to become more strong, develop, and succeed by maintaining standards.

1. Improving the workforce

The culture of an organization can be developed, reinforced, or changed in significant ways thanks to human resources.

Because people working in the HR department can better utilize their intellect to produce additional resources by applying information, experience, and technology to work, people play a vital role in human resources.

2.  Job design

Since job design involves planning what employees will do on a daily basis, this area of HR management is crucial to an organization. They also keep an eye on the connections between jobs.

Given that there is no one design approach that works for all occupations, managers will create identical roles in different ways at different firms.

They decide if work is simple or hard, how many tasks an employee can do, how much flexibility should be offered to the staff, and how they complete all of those duties.

3. Managing risks and compliance

Employment laws, stages of the hiring process, employment contracts, compensation, benefits, behavior, and capacity all have an impact on the employee’s lifetime.

HR takes these elements into account and incorporates them into rules so that managers and workers can quickly access them.

Job prospects for an HR graduate

A degree in human resource management (HRM) may be used in almost any organization across all industries. It’s a flexible qualification that can be used for recruiting, training, development, and general people skills.

Payroll Expert


If you get employed in the United States, $39,704 is the average yearly salary that you can expect. 

Job responsibilities:

A payroll specialist’s main responsibilities include processing timesheets from workers and overseeing their payroll. They guarantee that all workers receive the appropriate compensation and that their paychecks are delivered on time.

Other duties include getting employee bank account information, keeping up with tax regulations, and occasionally doing payroll audits.

Human Resource Expert


You can expect to earn a yearly salary of around $45,000.

Job responsibilities:

To make sure the workplace is working well, HR professionals review the current procedures and traffic flow in the workspace and set new plans and ideas into place.

To do this, they develop fresh human resources policies, strengthen employee engagement and training initiatives, monitor departmental budgets, and conduct yearly or quarterly performance evaluations of staff members.

Training Coordinators


On average, fresh training coordinators can expect to earn a yearly salary of approximately $51,000.

Job responsibilities:

Human resources and training coordinators frequently work together to teach staff members how to do their jobs well while complying with the organization’s policies, procedures, and objectives.

Making training courses to educate trainees about the business, developing a budget for the training programs, and setting up a plan for staff training are some examples of responsibilities.



Similar to the salary of a training coordinator, a fresh recruitment manager can earn a decent yearly salary of around $51,000.

Job responsibilities:

A recruiter finds people that seem to be the best match for a position and further questions them to assess their eligibility. Other duties can include meeting with contacts and conducting research on various social media platforms to find good job candidates, reviewing applications to determine who the best match is, and providing or negotiating pay with candidates.

Why Should You Get an HR Certification?

1.    Gain More Information and Skills

There is always space for more learning, regardless of how much schooling you have under your belt or how many talents you possess.

By obtaining HR credentials, you can be confident that you’re up to speed on the most recent HR practices and employment rules.

Your firm will gain from the additional education just as much as you do since it will boost production and efficiency thanks to your fresh expertise.

2.    Increasing Your Salary 

You’ll be able to make more money if you’ve broadened your skill set, educated yourself more, and taken on more difficult duties.

Based on endless research, those professionals who had some sort of certification earned more than 40% as compared to those who had no certifications.

This goes to show that there is definitely a benefit in getting that HR graduate certification.

3.    Promote to a higher job position

As you gain more knowledge and expertise, you will open doors to more opportunities for employment and professional advancement.

In addition to that, you will also feel more confident taking on extra HR tasks and responsibilities that will broaden your skill set.  

Additionally, having HR qualifications on your CV will show future employers that you’re serious about your career path in addition to being knowledgeable about the field of HR.

In fact, obtaining at least one HR certificate can make it more likely that you’ll gain a higher administrative position.

4.    It Gives You Strong Job Security

Gaining an HR certification has several advantages, also including improved job stability. This is because you will have the abilities and information needed to do your work more efficiently with a certification.

When it comes time to apply for employment or promotions, this might provide you an advantage over competing candidates, especially if you have training in a specialty, like payroll expertise.


This brings us to the end of our discussion. You should now have a good idea of the value of an HR graduate certification and how you can take advantage of its many perks.

Along with that, you also learned about some of the potential job roles and the salaries that become available once you get this certification. We wish you the best wishes for your future endeavors, and may the odds be in your favor!