In Australia, there are numerous registered used caravans for sale. Selecting the best option for you can be difficult with so many available on the market. Even if a new caravan has all new fixtures, appliances, and furniture, they can be a bit pricey for some budgets. 

On the other hand, used caravans are not as expensive. Still, you must carefully check that they are in the condition you would anticipate, that everything is functioning as it should and that all the paperwork is valid. 

Here, we’ve created a helpful checklist to aid you when you buy your next used caravan in order to help you prevent unwanted extra fees and hassle.

  1. Look for Any Signs of Moisture

Most caravan owners must deal with the annoyance and sad reality of dampness. When there is too much moisture in an inadequately ventilated space, dampness arises. If it is not detected and addressed immediately, it may do significant harm to both your caravan and your money.

Make sure you conduct a comprehensive damp check as soon as you start looking at used caravans with the intention of purchasing one. Don’t be hesitant to stick your nose right in there, but be cautious that vendors can try to conceal wetness beneath items like furniture. The last thing you want is to unknowingly agree to purchase a caravan that is plagued by moisture. 

Look for any obvious problems, such as patches, cracks or peeling, in the seals and sealant surrounding the windows and doors. Then, check the walls with your hands for any strange bumps or “pimpling,” as it is sometimes referred to. 

The walls of a caravan must feel like any other wall, despite the fact that this may seem obvious. If they are damp or spongy to the grip, there may be a damp issue present. Keep an eye out for any discolouration on the walls since this is another indication of dampness. 

Additionally, you should inspect the interior of the caravan for any unpleasant odours that may be lingering in the cushions, drapes, or other fabric components. The most typical indicator of dampness is musty. 

  1. Check the Exterior for Rust

Any part of a caravan’s exterior might develop rust; some instances are evident, some less so. You may need to come close to see minor corroded areas, but you probably don’t need us to get into too much depth at this point. After all, rust is something that everyone who has ever had a bicycle is already familiar with. 

The chassis, though, is a section of a caravan that is particularly vulnerable to rusting and could be missed by the inexperienced eye. The chassis, a strong metal frame that rests beneath the caravan, serves as the “skeletal backbone” of the entire construction. Additionally, it serves as the attachment point for a number of crucial parts, including the jockey wheel and stabiliser legs. 

Caravan chassis come in three different categories: 

  • Painted
  • Fully-galvanised
  • Part-galvanised

Regardless of the caravan’s chassis, it needs to be maintained and checked on frequently. You may want to inquire about the chassis, and any previous maintenance performed when seeking to purchase used caravans for sale.

  1. Examine the Tyres

The condition of the tyres is another thing to watch out for when purchasing a used caravan. Tyres on touring caravans should be inspected frequently for general signs of deterioration. 

  • Cracking

Another typical indication of tire wearing is cracking, which is frequently visible on the outer rubber of the tire. You should be honest with the seller if you notice any cracking because it can be brought on by a number of things, including excessive use. 

  • Pressure

Tyre pressure on a caravan must be accurate to ensure durability and safety. Tyres that are properly inflated make it simpler to manoeuvre and also result in lower CO2 emissions. 

You must compare the tire pressure to the manufacturer’s and the vehicle’s recommended levels, which are often included in the owner’s manual. It is advisable to check the tire pressure when it is cool outside. 

  1. Inspect Each Part

It’s a great idea to begin doing this early on—even this early on—because, as a caravan owner, you’ll have to get into the habit of routinely examining its various components and ensuring everything is operating well. 

When inspecting a caravan with the intention of purchasing it, verify every component in great detail as if you had already purchased it. You can anticipate the parts and overall condition of the caravan to be of a specific standard based on the cost, so take this opportunity to make sure that’s the case and that you’re receiving what you’re paying for. 

Depending on how they want to utilise their caravan, each owner will have a distinct list of things to examine. Here are the important things you should look at: 

  • Its safety
  • Handbrake
  • The hitch
  • Electrical connections
  • Road lights
  • Drainage and water system

This is why it’s crucial to view the caravan before purchasing it. Why take a chance with a trailer when you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive or a property without looking around? You can only be certain that you are receiving a fair deal in this way. 

  1. Choose One with Solar Panel

You can travel in your caravan without an electric hookup. Perth caravan solar panels power will provide you with the flexibility to go and explore, regardless of whether you are an experienced off-grid RV traveller or simply wish to be able to try wild camping once more. What are the benefits of having Perth caravan solar panels? 

  • It is eco-friendly. Anytime the sun shines, including on overcast days when the sun is still in the sky, a solar panel will charge your battery for free. The ideal green energy. 
  • Convenient battery charging. Your RV batteries will remain charged with the help of solar electricity, maintaining and prolonging their lifespan. 


You’ve completed all the required checks. Perhaps you discovered a few small problems that required attention. Although you may always bargain for repairs with the seller, take into account how old the caravan is that you’re considering purchasing. If it’s twenty years old, the expense of repair may be greater than the gain. 

Asking the seller to perform significant repairs before releasing at the initial agreed-upon price may be ridiculous if you’re interested in purchasing used caravans for sale. If you plan to purchase an ancient or vintage caravan, you may need to adapt your budget to account for the expense of potential repairs.