Any student over the years has experienced that feeling of not wanting to prepare for the upcoming exams. You just start preparing, five minutes go by, and you’re already watching YouTube So two hours pass, and you realize that time has been wasted, and you have to think who can write essays for me to meet the deadline.  After this everyone begins to seek an answer to the question: how to start preparing for exams and not to be distracted by extraneous things? 

Today we will reveal to you a few tricks that will allow you to make your preparation more productive.

Why are you so lazy to prepare?

Perhaps you are not such a lazy person, you are just faced with procrastination. You don’t have the slightest desire to do assignments, your motivation is completely absent. So you promise yourself day after day that you’ll study, but you are constantly putting off preparation. We are not talking about willpower.

Maybe you just do not want to learn, and your subconscious knows about this. How often it happens that students try at the last moment to do all the tasks and learn the material for the exam. The most courageous write an application for expulsion.

Sometimes a person is simply unable to prioritize correctly. But, if you motivate yourself, and realize the importance of preparation, it will be easier to organize yourself.

How the student can make himself start to prepare for exams?

  • Make a schedule

An exam is scheduled for a specific time. And your job is to be ready for it. Make a plan for preparation. Divide it into several stages. Allow time for a break. Stick to the planned schedule. It will be most effective to set a time frame for the tasks. The plan for the next day should be written in the evening. Then, in the morning, you’ll already know exactly what you should do. Leave the most difficult tasks for the most productive time for you. This will help you effectively learn the material.

  • Distribute the material wisely

Assess your abilities adequately. It’s impossible to memorize in one night what you haven’t learned all year. And trying to learn everything in three days is not a success either. You will only waste your time. At the same time, excellent students who studied diligently for the entire semester, simply repeat the material a few hours before the exam.

  • Do not exhaust your body

 Maybe you’re just tired. Then you shouldn’t force yourself to get up early to study the material. It is better to sleep well, so that when you have a clear head it will be easier to prepare. And you may find the process interesting.

  • Reward yourself

Think of a system for evaluating the results. For example, for every five learned tickets make yourself a tea and eat your favorite candy. The main thing is not to go overboard. Or 15 minutes to play your favorite game. Otherwise all the effort will go down the drain. 

  • Take a sports break

During the preparation we sit for hours at the table or on the bed, which is very bad for the brain, which needs at least some physical activity. So every piece you learn can be reinforced with 10 squats, push-ups or stretches. The main thing is to pick something you really enjoy. That way you’ll keep your brain toned, and your muscles too.

  • Cut out all distractions

If you get notifications from social networks or games, turn them off. If someone really needs you urgently, that person can call you. In addition, you can check every 30 minutes to make sure nothing happens there. In general, it’s best to remove absolutely all distracting things from your desk that can get in the way.

  • Share your successes

You can find a fellow student, such as a classmate. With him or her you can share the number of tickets you’ve learned, exchange material, and so on. You can ask your friends for support, so that they “push” you to prepare. You can ask your relatives and share what you’ve learned with them. Praise always inspires you to do new things.