Credit score is important not just for buying an apartment however, it is also essential in applying for smaller loan, purchasing a car or even renting an apartment. It’s because the credit score is an indication of how likely someone is to pay the payments in time. Finding a home with no credit history can be challenging, but there are methods to deal with it.

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In the case of leasing the apartment you are looking at, your credit score will demonstrate to the landlord that you can pay your the rent on time, and whether specific precautions are necessary to ensure you’ll be able to do so for example, requiring a greater security deposit.

It’s also normal to not have credit established if you’re renting a house while still at college or you’re moving to a new home by yourself to the very first time. There are options when you’re in this type of situation.

How to rent an apartment with no Credit

If you’re renting from an individual landlord or a huge property management firm It’s not common to find apartments to rent that don’t have a credit checks required. All landlords have to assure you that you’re financially stable and able to pay rent in accordance with the lease terms. Therefore, even if do not have a credit score Here are seven ways to be able to get the apartment you’ve always wanted.

1. Find a Co-Signer

The most commonly used method for secure a home without credit checks is to have someone co-sign the lease. It is usually an adult or a relative, or an intimate friend. It is crucial that your co-signer is of excellent credit and know that they’ll be accountable for the rent if you fail to pay in time. In the event you fail to pay your rent on time this will give the landlord the security to ensure that there’s someone else who will make the payment for you.

2. Offer References and Recommendations

In the event that you do not have a co-signer willing to co-sign the lease, obtaining recommendations from your professors, employers and, especially, previous landlords is a great way to go to get an apartment with no credit. These references can assure the landlord you’ve proven financially accountable and reliable over the years, which, in turn increasing your odds of being accepted.

3. You can find a roommate with good Credit

You’re more likely to get granted a lease if you’re sharing a room with someone with excellent credit scores and your total income is sufficient to pay the cost of rent. But even if you do not have a credit score doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of the roommate’s. Instead, make sure you are on the right portion of the agreement and ensure that you pay the full amount of rent every month. This will help you build credit in the future.

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4. Provide proof of income

The proof of your income and even a savings account in the event that there is one could convince a prospective landlord to lease to you even if you don’t have credit. But, your income must be stable and consistency. This will provide the landlord with the confidence they require. The most common rule is that your monthly income is supposed to be around three times your rent per month. Additionally, if you contribute your savings, the balance is enough money to pay for more than a month’s rent. Selecting a place that’s within your budget indicates that you’re financially secure and are able to pay the cost of renting.

5. Explain Your Financial Situation

It’s usually beneficial to talk with the landlord in order to explain your credit score or the absence of it, because it will greatly impact their decision to sign the lease. If the motive is valid and you are able to provide assurances of holding to your end of the bargain there’s an opportunity.

6. Offer to move in as soon as possible or under a lease that is shorter

The cost of vacant apartments is high for landlords. It is therefore the best for them to fill them up. Therefore should you be capable of moving in immediately you could convince your landlord to let the renter to live without credit background. Similar to that renting month-to month or with a shorter lease period can also be advantageous to you. In this way, you will prove that you are an honest and responsible tenant, and the landlord could ultimately extend your lease for the length of your lease.