Betting period

How to calculate points

The results of the billiards game are determined based on the end time. With the normal form of bets will be paid out after the match ends. But for the convenience of players, THABET CASINO will proceed to pay the player right after the end of the match.

Betting period

Bets will be considered valid when the pre-match betting time has commenced. All bets placed after the match has started will be considered void (except for in-play bets). In case the matches have an injury or are interrupted, the extra time will be played as the original rules of the game.

Types of bets

Billiards betting game at THABET CASINO offers several types of bets as follows: 

• Win bet: playing this bet means you are betting on which player you think is able to win that match.

• First half win bet: you will predict which player will temporarily take the lead in the first half of the game.

• Handicap: usually, THABET CASINO will arrange the players of the same level to compete. However, it is also inevitable that there will be matches where the players have a difference in ability. THABET CASINO will offer a handicap and if you find a ratio that matches the ability of the two players in the match, then place this bet.

• Over and under bets: in a match, the dealer will provide the total points of both hands, and you will bet on whether the result at the end of the match is higher or lower than the given points by THABET CASINO.

• Top 3 frames: if you see who can lead in the first 3 frames, make your bet on that person. The condition for this bet to be counted is that the match will have to go on until the completion of at least the first 3 frames of the match. This type of bet is similar to the hand bet to win the first 4 frames of the match.

In addition, billiards also has many other types of bets such as multiple bets, parlay bets, champion hand bets, champion hand of the tournament, bet on which country the hand won the championship comes from, etc.

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Note when playing billiards betting

When playing billiards betting at THABET CASINO, players should note a few things as follows:

  • Player bets will only be considered valid after the match ends unless an exception is announced from the dealer.
  • In Billiards matches there will be no draws.
  • If in a Billiards match one of the two players does not participate, bets will be void.
  • In case the match is suspended or forced to stop, then bets will still stand until the match ends.
  • If a player is disqualified, or quits before the match is over, all bets will be void.


Instructions on how to play billiards betting at THABET CASINO have just been fully updated above. Hopefully through this article, bettors can understand the rules of the game and can enter the game quickly.