How to Make the Right Packaging Choice for your Business

Proper packaging plays a big role in your business. About 72% of Americans, according to IPSOS, base their purchases on an item’s packaging. This is to mean that you can boost your sales significantly through packaging. Do you plan to overhaul your packaging techniques and attract more customers to your brand? 

This quick guide will help you select the perfect packaging for your business.

1. Set a budget  

A budget will help you choose the right packaging firm for your needs. Most people opt for TopPop Packaging due to the cost-effective services which suit all business types. Although the packaging of your goods will affect your gross margins, this does not mean that you should choose the least expensive alternative.

 Play around with the numbers to determine a lower and greater limit that will serve as a reference when you go packaging shopping. You must balance expenses with branding, items, and safety considerations. 

2. Consider logistics 

The costs of your complete packaging will include logistics. However, logistics is more than just the cost your company will bear. Consider practical matters like how long it will take to carry your packing and replenish essential components. How you store your packaging materials is going to be another crucial factor. You must examine the size of the warehouse and any unique requirements, such as damp- and liquid rooms or cooling systems. 

3. Branding design and quality 

First impressions matter and your packaging is what shoppers see first when shopping. Your chosen packaging will represent your real brand identity and aid clients in determining whether you provide high-quality goods.

Therefore, determine whether you can order the printing and labeling you’ll need for your product as a part of your packaging. You can also handle the labeling in-house to save money if you choose simple branding. Hire a professional designer to help create better designs for your packaging materials.

4. Packaging material

There are numerous packaging options on the market, but you must pick one to suit your needs. For liquid products, you can target cardboard, iron tins, plastic bottles, and glass. On the other hand, if you intend to handle goods like watches or shoes, cartons are ideal. 

5. Package aesthetic 

What will potential consumers think when they see your product? You require a bundle that grabs their interest. Your product needs something to stand out from the other boxes adjacent to the shelf. Working with a professional will make it simple to create an incredible bundle that will leave your buyers craving for more. 

6. How easy is the package to maneuver

Consider how easy it will be for buyers to open. Customers won’t want to spend much time struggling to open product packages. So, select a simple packaging that entices clients to buy your products and makes it easy to open the packaging.

Bottom line

Don’t let poor packaging ruin your marking campaigns and sales. Hire an experienced product packaging company and choose the right packaging materials for your goods. This will improve brand visibility, making it easy for shoppers to spot your goods and purchase them.