For many homeowners, lawn maintenance is at the top of their priority list. First impressions are everything and a lush, green yard is an immediate visual for drivers and walkers alike. It should come as no surprise that the lawn maintenance industry is valued at more than $115 billion.

There are many facets to lawn care that demand attention. Fertilization and weed control is critical to maintaining a thick and healthy lawn. Lawn mowing services are also necessary to maintain a fresh and clean image.

Read on to learn how to hire lawn maintenance services. Explore topics such as the importance of reading online reviews and comparing maintenance costs.

Lawn Maintenance Experience

The first thing to look for is whether the company has the proper experience. Not all lawn issues are created equally. There are certain types of lawn disease or fungus that require an expert’s touch.

You want to hire a company that has seen it all before. This will increase the likelihood of a quality job and the timely resolution of any potential issues.

Lawn Maintenance Equipment

It is also important to ensure that the lawn maintenance company has all the necessary equipment. Lawn maintenance is about more than a mower and weed whacker.

For example, does the company own aeration equipment? Are they capable of delivering large amounts of sod or mulch? Do they have the right equipment to treat weeds or pests?

All of these questions need to be answered before signing a contract. A visit to shows the type of equipment necessary for complete lawn maintenance services.

Reading Online Reviews

Both Facebook and Google are powerful tools for learning about potential hires. They offer customer reviews that are insightful for positive and negative feedback.

By reading through customer testimonials, you can leverage off another homeowner’s experience. Companies can be avoided that are obviously not compatible with you.

There are also consumer advocacy groups that provide useful information. Online resources like the Better Business Bureau track complaints made against lawn maintenance companies.

Comparing Costs

The last step in the process is comparing costs. You want to shop around for competitive pricing. The goal is to obtain the best value while not sacrificing quality.

Ask each company to break out the price quote by the specific service they are providing. For instance, how much are they charging you to mow the lawn each month?

How much are lawn fertilization and weed control services? Also, you should ask the company to specify what materials they are using.

This is where the best value determination comes into play. It is not wise to hire a company that is cheaper but uses materials with poor quality or effectiveness.

How to Hire Lawn Maintenance Services

You are now ready to hire a lawn maintenance company. Reviewing online reviews and comparing costs are two important steps in the process. Additionally, make sure the company has the right equipment and experience to fulfill the job requirements.

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