The guide offers a comprehensive guide on how to get Azure Flute Bdsp for players.

If you are a fan of the cult game Pokemon you are probably aware about the person who created all of the world, Arceus. It is the notorious character and a Legendary Pokemon of the in-game event for Sinnoh Games, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Trainers must now get the character to the Sinnoh adventure without any kind of hack. However, trainers must possess the Azure Flute to be able to play Arceus. Arceus from the BDSP. In addition to the Azure Flute there are other game requirements players need to meet to be able to access it.

The players from The United Kingdom, Canada as well as those in United States want to learn how to get Azure Flute Bdsp.

What’s Azure Flute in BDSP?

The Azure Flute is the only item available in the event in-game that allows players to meet the famous Pokemon and character, Arceus. It was first introduced earlier when it was released in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum codes. The item was, however, not distributed to all players in those games.

The item first came out in conjunction with Pokemon Legend Arceus, and in the month of March 2022, it became part of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Since it’s the most important element needed to play Pokemon Legend, it is essential to have Pokemon Legend, players want to know how to obtain it.

How Do I Get Azure Flute Bdsp?

Azure is an event-exclusive item that is available through Nintendo events in The Sinnoh games. Azure is the sole event-exclusive item that is available among the other four items. But, players must obtain it if they want to play with Arceus, the Pokemon Legend, Arceus.

  • When you’ve completed the main task, “Seeking the Remaining Plates,” the Celestica flute transforms to Azure Flute. It will assist players in call in Ride Pokemon.
  • When they have completed this Hisui Pokedex, players can play the flute on the dais in the Sinnoh Temple to encounter the Arceus.
  • After meeting the legendary Pokemon They must come back on the dais so that they can rematch Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga.

Here are the steps to follow on how to get Azure Flute Bdsp. If the player is one of the Pokemon Champion after obtaining Arceus in Legends The Azure Flute will be available in the player’s room in Sandgem Town House. When the character is defeated Arceus and is forced to leave the battle it is possible to go back to Spear Pillar and perform the flute in order to recreate the battle.

What do people have To Say?

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Players are thrilled to have the exclusive event item, Azure Flute, in the game. However, some players claim the Azure Flute is not available but others say it’s there and that players need to reveal it. It is possible to follow for updates on Twitter page for further news.


The Azure Flute is an exclusive event in-game item needed to confront the legendary Pokemon, Arceus. However, there are certain actions that players need to follow to obtain it. Follow the above guide on how to get Azure Flute Bdsp.

It is a must-have item for those who want to getting to meet The Legend Pokemon. Do you have something to add concerning Azure Flute from BDSP? Do you want to share it with us in the comment section.