If you have septic tanks in your home, then you might face some of these issues and you might need septic tank repair. Here we have mentioned some commonly occurring issues and problems. Also, we have mentioned the solutions for solving those problems.

4 Common septic Tank Problems Explained

1. Movement in ground

Even if there is a small disturbance in the ground, then this can have a big impact on your septic tank. Any transformation in the ground movement might create a large amount of pressure on your septic tank. This might also result in breakages, or cracks in the walls in your septic tank.

  • The septic tank might also back up and you might need to empty it more often. This procedure might also affect your emptying schedule, and can also be a lot costly for you.
  • In case the groundwater gets squeezed in its way through the cracks then the septic tank might not be able to separate the liquid from solid waste in an effective manner.
  • Hence you might need to transform your septic tank.

2. Issues due to tree or plant roots

This issue is many times a tricky one that might not always be easy to plan for. You will never really understand where those roots can grow.

In case your septic tank is placed very close to shrubs or trees, then this problem might arise as the roots might grow through your tank walls. Also, they can get through the pipes which lead from the septic tank to your home.

3. Collapsed tank barrier-

This is a serious issue which might arise with your septic tank.

The interior barrier of your tank which is also known as the baffle ensures that no lumps pave their way in the septic tank system. However, in case it damages, then there might be lumpy stuff which might get in your soak away system and result in blockages. This might mean that all the wastewater might enter in your house.

4. Lack of regular maintenance

This one is possibly one of the most popular problems that arises in a septic tank. However, it is also one of the easiest to avoid. To prevent this, you simply need to empty your septic tank on a regular basis. The exact routine and timeline for cleaning up and emptying your tank might be different. For some tanks it might be once in a year but for some it might be 4-5 times in a year. Nonetheless, timely maintenance of your septic tank is an ideal thing to do for avoiding any more septic tank issues from emerging.

It is important to maintain emptying and cleaning of the tank as a priority. You can hire a professional company for sewage cleanup services as they can offer you best deals and services in minimal time and affordable rates.

How can you fix these septic tank problems?

  • Septic tanks might result in all kinds of issues. So, in case you are new in this world of septic tanks, then maintaining your tank regularly is a great alternative.
  • A few of the above mentioned issues are difficult to avoid, and some are totally out of your control. The simple answer is you might not be able to solve such issues all by yourself.
  • To make sure that your tank is repaired properly, it is recommended to hire a septic tank examinations and septic tank repair. This will bring forth any problems and solutions needed.
  • If you want to replace or repair your septic tank, then ensure that you stick to your routine emptying schedule to ensure the best possible maintenance for your septic tank. This will lessen the chances of these septic tank issues emerging again in the future.

Septic tank problems can be a huge headache. Not only are they smelly and inconvenient, but they can also be expensive to fix. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s time to call in the professionals: water backing up into your home, wastewater spilling onto your property, effluent bubbling up in your yard or sinkholes forming near your septic system. The good news is that most septic tank problems can be easily fixed with some basic maintenance and by hiring a professional cleaning service like Revolve Flood Restoration Brisbane. So don’t wait until it’s too late – call today! On +61480029270.