Your home is your peaceful sanctuary. It’s a place where friends and family belong and memories are created. Homeowners continuously revamp their homes to improve functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

But wait, so you’ve not yet achieved your dream home? Even after spending thousands of dollars on flooring, walls, roofing, and accessorizing your home? Well, it’s time you think about installing modern light fixtures in your home.

For many homeowners, lighting is always an afterthought in home interior design. We think of lighting fixtures as a utilitarian detail rather than a decorative one in most cases. But do you know installing the right lighting fixtures in your home can take your home design to the next level?

Whether ambient, general, mood, task, or accent, the right lighting can be a statement maker to complement your home décor. However, with a myriad of options available to choose from, picking the best lighting fixtures for your home can be challenging. But don’t forget that a wrong fixture installation can turn the whole thing upside down. So select the best electrician in Wallington to do this task.

Are you wondering how you can pick the best light fixtures? Read more to learn key tips to consider and transform your home.

Determine Your Modern Light Fixture Needs

Before you start shopping for lighting fixtures, take a walk around your home. Take note of all the areas and rooms that need new light fixtures. Also, do you need sconces, flush mounts, pendants, or chandeliers?

In addition, do your kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways need new light fixtures too? When checking for the ideal light fixtures, determine spaces that can accommodate only one type of fixture and the flexible ones.

For instance, if your ceiling is 8-foot, you may only need flush mounts for overhead lighting in most of your rooms. This means you can easily reduce your options by excluding such fixtures as chandeliers or long-hanging pendants. However, this might be a different case when it comes to lighting over your dining table, where a chandelier may be ideal.

Also, determine if any electrical work is required, such as moving junction boxes or even adding new ones.

Determine the General Style of Your Fixtures

When choosing a design for your light fixtures, use your home’s decorating style. The goal is to achieve a harmonious style between the modern indoor lighting fixtures and your home’s design. If you are not sure about your style, check online for ideas and indoor lighting options.

After figuring out the style of your space, opt for light fixtures that complement the style and theme all-around your home. While you might want to mix-match to find the perfect combination, you are very likely to get it wrong. Stick to a single style and theme or work with a professional for a beautiful mix.

Choose Your Metal Finish

When picking the metal finish, you can either choose to stick with a single finish or mix them. Again, if you opt to pick the perfect single metal finish for your fixtures, you can never go wrong.

If you are thinking of getting a different finish for every room, then it can be tricky that you may think. However, we are committed to ensuring you achieve the intended final look. Thus, here are some things to take heed of when mixing metal finishes in your home.

Make Sure the Sheen Is the Same

If you decide to pick nickel as the metal finish on your light fixtures, then go with all brushed or polished. Trying to mix the finish even if they are the same color would damage the look.

Blacks Aren’t Always Black

When you think of buying fixtures with a black finish, remember that some are oil-rubbed bronze and not actual black as it appears in the pictures. Also, some of the fixtures labeled as antique bronze or oil-rubbed will appear as matte black in reality.

Thus, when shopping, be keen on the finish color to avoid buying one that doesn’t suit your space. When buying online, always check on reviews of the light fixtures to get crucial insights about their color.

Polished Chrome and Nickel Are Different

Brushed nickel feature a warm undertone while it’s cool in chrome. You want to be careful to avoid mixing them and getting a totally different mix for your home. Chrome finish is mostly found in bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as the faucet and is less likely with lighting.

However, nickel is very common and popular in homes. However, when choosing between polished and brushed nickel, consider the polished one. The reason being if not brushed properly, the finish might appear cheap.

 Know Your Options

Do you know the different types of interior house lights available? Well, every room in your home has its own specific type of lighting that will suit you best. When selecting lighting fixtures, most homeowners will mistake thinking of them as the same.

The main types of lighting to consider include:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting also referred to as general lighting, is common in almost every room of your home. It allows you to walk around your home safely and usually comes from track, wall-mounted, or recessed lighting.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting focuses on a particular object or area in your home. It highlights accessories, art, or other pieces on the wall. Common types of accent light include track lighting, recessed lights, and sconces, which offer mood lighting.

Task Lighting

As the name implies, task lights offer increased light to perform a specific task for function. They may include pendant lights or desk lamps.

Use These Tips to Choose the Best Modern Light Fixtures

The lighting you choose can either make or break your space. If done well, lighting can blend an ideal atmosphere to make your home aesthetically appealing. To get it right, be clear-headed about the type of light fixtures that will transform your entire home.

Here’s how you can pick the best modern light fixtures.

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