This is an appropriate certification for individuals working in the field of machine learning who want to distinguish themselves. This certification shows a professional’s knowledge and comprehension of several AWS cloud services related to machine learning and deep learning, as well as their machine learning skills. AWS hopes to examine and recognize people for their skill in creating, implementing, deploying, and sustaining machine learning solutions for specific business problems with this certification.

About AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam

The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam is a certification exam offered by Amazon Web Services.

Candidates must complete an AWS test to receive the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty certification. This exam can be taken in a test center or online with online proctoring from anywhere. Candidates must register for this exam and pay a registration fee of $300 to take it.

The exam’s most critical details are listed here.

  1. 3 hours in length
  1. There are 65 questions in all.
  1. Multiple-choice questions with one correct option or multiple correct options are used.

The test is graded on a scale of 100 to 1000, with candidates needing a minimum score of 750 to pass. The exam contains questions from a variety of machine learning domains. These domains or parts, together with their respective weightings, are listed below.

Engineering using Data (20%)

Analyze exploratory data (24%)

Creating models (36%)

Implementation and Management of Machine Learning (20%)

There is no sectional cutoff for passing marks, thus the outcome will be based on your performance in each of the aforementioned parts. The primary outcome is determined by the exam’s overall performance.

How Do I Get Ready For Exams?

The key to success is good planning. Because the ideas to be covered for this exam are a little more advanced, proper planning is required to pass it. As becoming an aws certified devops engineer is a tough job.The following are the crucial actions that a candidate who intends to take this exam should do to prepare.

  1. Collecting Relevant Information: Rather than relying solely on internet blogs, you should gather all relevant information for this exam yourself. On the official website, you can find all of the highlights of the certification and exam. AWS provides a comprehensive exam guide that includes all of the exam’s content.

AWS has also provided a collection of sample questions, which can be accessed here. To get a sense of the scope and depth of the exam, read through the exam guide and sample questions.

  1. Learning from AWS Resources: There are hundreds of tutorials available for various AWS services and use cases that will help you gain or brush up on the necessary skills. This link will take you to these tutorials. You can search for learning resources based on the above-mentioned domains. It’s also a good idea to read over the descriptions and use cases for all of the key AWS cloud products.
  2. Mock Test on MachineHack: MachineHack, India’s leading hackathon, and assessment platform, offers a variety of mock tests on similar kinds of professional certification exams. It also offers the mock test on AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam. Through this mock, you can get an experience of taking this exam in real life as the mock is based on exam details as given by AWS and feedback from the successful candidates.

This practice exam will aid you in self-evaluation of your exam readiness.

Candidates will be able to check their knowledge and degree of preparedness after taking a mock on MachineHack. They are free to take the exam if they perform well in the mocks. Otherwise, they can brush up on their skills with AWS learning resources and a new practice exam.

Why Not Try This AWS?

AWS certifications are meant to assess both knowledge and practical experience, so you’ll be at a disadvantage in the job market if you don’t acquire your certification via hard work and experience. As a result, AWS certification dumps should be avoided at all costs.

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This is not a challenging exam, and you are not required to go over all of the ideas thoroughly. It is sufficient to become acquainted with the concepts.


Although the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam is difficult to pass because it necessitates in-depth knowledge and understanding of various machine learning and deep learning workloads that must be defined and used with AWS Cloud services, it will be less difficult if you prepare properly. As previously said, you can obtain and brush up on your knowledge by using several learning tools before taking the mock test on the MachineHack platform. Mock will assist you in self-evaluation of knowledge and exam preparation. If you follow the methods outlined above, you should be able to easily pass the exam and receive a certificate as a consequence.