Over the past few years, push notifications have become very popular among online businesses and marketers. However, the demand for using WordPress Push notifications has increased to keep existing users engaged with the app or store. Instant delivery and immediate response make these push notifications effective. Besides, the results of conversions and sales on the app or online store affect the customer’s demand. 

Today we are going to discuss what WordPress push notifications are and how they can help in increasing demand growth for products or services. So, let’s begin! 

What are WordPress Push Notifications?

WordPress push notifications are small pop-up messages that allow you to notify your audience automatically when you publish new content or perform other activities on your Website. This will look like a notification on a browser, phone, or tablet that allows immediate action by customers. 

Push notifications were introduced in 2009 for Android and iOS; since then, it has been spreading over the web. If we look at Google Trends 2022, you can easily find how push notifications are responsible for business growth with customer retention.

Below you can find the example of WordPress Push Notifications. By simply clicking on allow button, you will get a new subscriber to your list. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using WordPress Push Notifications?

Allowing WordPress Push Notifications on your Website provides you with another possibility to communicate with clients with a WordPress site. However, most people do not show any interest in emails, even some simply put them in the trash without reading. But with WooCommerce Push notifications, you can bring back people or even attract new customers with attractive offers. 

Still, if you have any doubt regarding push notifications, then here we have shared a few case studies. 

  • YouNow improved retention rate by 19% with push notifications. 
  • A+E Networks has achieved a 200% increase in user engagement.

These are few. You can Google and know the complete sources to understand companies’ tremendous success rates better. Now, let us jump and learn the tips to boost customer engagement and demand for your online business. 

How To Use WordPress Push Notifications To Increase Customer’s Demand?

Here are the quick ways to boost customers’ demand for your online store with Push Notifications. 

  1. Pay Attention To Your Popular Products

In your store; there will always be a product that is in huge demand. So, to bring high value, significant profits, and faster-selling growth, you need to pay strong attention to it. Ensure the product is selling well, and use this interest to promote other product sales. 

You can generate more demands for your products with web push notifications. Try to use the product’s features in your notification content or show your users why your products are selling fast and are huge in demand. So, this naturally increases customer engagement and demand for purchase. 

  1. Endorse Your Well-Stocked Products 

There is always a couple of products which doesn’t attract many users. But you can’t see your inventory with stocked products. So to sell out fast, push notifications can be the best way to deal with this. Use web push notifications to drive more traffic to your well-stocked product range. You must highlight the quality features of those products or some benefits that excite users to purchase them. In addition, you should add a compelling image that gains a higher click-through rate. 

  1. Spread News About Your New Launch Products

If you are updating your services or launching new products in your store, use web push notifications to viral this news with personalized content among your customers. You can release a catalog of new products for pre-booking so customers can hook up. With this, you can increase demand for your new products. Additionally, this enhances visibility, and you can enjoy the best launch week. 

  1. Utilize Customer Feedback To Generate Sales

If you see a product range that often receives low value or interest from customers, then incorporate push notifications using customers’ feedback to boost them. Express to your subscribers that they are missing good products and how they can help them make their lives easy. In simple, you need to provoke your customers to purchase those. 

Incorporate all these ideas and observe the changes. However, we have something more to share; keep reading. 

What If When You Are Running Out Of Stock?

  1. Activate Wishlist Into Completed Carts

Show your customers that you care for them and their needs. If a product is out of stock, customers can add it to their Wishlist. Ensure you have configured triggered web push notifications to remind the customer to add the products on their Wishlist to their cart. Create FOMO by setting up a low stock alert push notification with WonderPush to convert Wishlists into profitable sales.

  1. Create a Sense Of Urgency Around Popular Products

When you run out of popular items, take advantage of the opportunity to get more customers into the store. Remind your customers of the low stock and encourage them to make a quicker purchase. Your low-stock product’s added urgency may help secure your final sales. After it sells, you can use the opportunity to advertise a related line.

What If You Restock Inventory? 

When you restock your inventory, you must engage customers who have shown interest. You can send push notifications to ensure they don’t miss that product and shop that. Although you can create back-in-stock-alerts, WonderPush back-in-store products can ensure you don’t miss the customer just because they are out of stock. Alternatively, you can send push messages regarding restocking or top picks or substitute for that products. 

What If You Want To Track Customer Activity?

If you’re already tracking your customer’s activity on your online store, then it’s time to utilize the data. When your customers are interested in a product, you must generate buzz and demand for it. You can quickly turn this interest into sales and great revenue with push notifications. 

  • Try On-Site Triggers

 With WonderPush, you can set up on-site push notifications that offer special discounts on the products. This ensures high customer engagement while they’re live in your store. You can set up exit intent so they don’t leave your store empty-handed. 

  • Send Wishlist Updates

Customers can store products they are interested in and add them to their Wishlist to save for later purchasing. But it’s equally crucial for businesses to take advantage of this consumer behavior to advertise and encourage customers to add wishlist products to their shopping carts.

Final Verdict

Sending real-time push notifications and instant viewership can change the game and surely help you create more customer demand for your products. Well, push notifications are like another marketing channel, but the difference is these connect customers more closely so that customer interacts with your products and purchase them. 

Once you pass in interaction, your next step is to track customers’ behavior, so you can keep engaging them with your store with WordPress push notifications. You must keep an eye on the timing and content of your messages, so they perform best. 

Trust your data and incorporate the collected values or estimates when making a push notifications strategy thus you can earn better business growth. Good luck!