If you’re a fashion enthusiast looking forward to Hot Girl Summer (and trust us, everyone is) then you know that tote bags are the latest trend that’s making waves on social media and IRL. And if you’re a business, totes are the way to go for gifting your guests something memorable to take home.  

What makes Tote Bags Special? 

They’re convenient, multi-purpose, and fit every look or vibe. What more could you ask for in a trusty tote for your event goers? Aside from being your BFF at the grocery store or as your daily essential, tote bags also make for a fun addition at events. 

By providing a handy tote bag at your event, event goers can easily keep freebies and handouts close as they party. They’re a great way to leave a lasting impression for guests to keep repping your business! 

Tote bags are also a no-brainer when it comes to upleveling your branding at any occasion. Whether it’s for a grand wedding or a small business conference, customised totes featuring your logo or a design will make a statement to your guests. 

Sustainability of Tote Bags 

Since Tote Bags are eco-friendly and reusable, everyone can party on without worrying about harming the environment! Our totes are in it for the long haul. Novo’s Tote Bags are made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified 100% organic cotton, so you’ll have a gift for yourself without compromising the planet. And it is perfect for a  sturdy bag that’s both practical and stylish! 

Duck Tote Bag: 

The Duck Tote Bag is a perfect option if you want a simple yet stylish, soft and unstructured canvas bag that can be carried in a variety of ways and will last for years. We adore this bag because its twin straps allow you to wear it in a variety of ways. It’s difficult to pin the Duck Tote’s brilliance on a single element, but its utilitarian simplicity makes it a more universal pick than any other tote bag we evaluated. 

Bean Tote Bag: 

The Bean Tote is a structured and insanely durable tote bag that can withstand the punishment of frequent excursions to the beach or the grocery store. In terms of size and handle length, the Bean offers more customization than any other tote bag we examined. The Bean tote appears to be timeless. It sits upright thanks to its structural form, and the open top allows you to quickly reach in and retrieve something. The luggage sits mostly upright even when it’s not full, ready to go whether you take it from the backseat or rush to get off the bus. This Tote is the solution. 

Rugged Tote Bag: 

Grab the more elegant Rugged Tote Bag if you’ve been looking for a lightweight, well-constructed tote that will fit any occasion, whether you’re working at the office or planning a romantic lakeside weekend away. On the shoulder of a person carrying the Rugged tote. Although affordable canvas totes are wonderful for a short shopping run, the Rugged Tote Bag is the way to go when you need the versatility of a canvas tote while also looking put-together. Its modest yet elegant design makes it suitable for a prix fixe supper out as well as a day of errands and household tasks. 

Leather Tote: 

The Leather Tote is a stylish, unstructured leather bag with a boho appeal that makes it easier to dress up than similar drapey canvas bags. This leather tote is part of a higher-end bag category that offers a more sophisticated spin on the classic canvas tote. In many ways, it’s a more refined version of the Duck bag, which is similarly unstructured. Sure, it could accompany you on a picnic, but we think a basic, elegant bag like the Leather Tote would serve you best when you need to make an impression, like at a job interview or when you need to transport a few items to a Valentine’s Day dinner after work. 

Classic Structured Tote: 

The Classic Structured Tote is a sturdy, open-top leather bag with enough room to carry everything you’ll need for a long day, but it’s so elegant that no one will suspect you’re carrying your child’s lunch box, three apples in various stages of decay, and a change of clothes for dinner under your arm. The Classic Structured Tote is a nice, roomy tote. The soft, pebbled texture and structure give it a traditional feel, but it’s not too formal to wear every day. You should be able to fit a lot of your work and playthings inside—it features a small zippered compartment for the essentials—and take it on your journey.