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Taking care of your body and fitness is never excessive, especially this time. Within a day you just hang around home without going out and working out because of social distancing. Starch overflowing in all directions. The word “energy” now is needed than anytime. If you want to be a little more resilient, just download Gym WP MOD APK and use it like me, so that at least after the pandemic, it won’t be too “fatty”.

Introduce about Gym WP

Gym WP is an application that supports exercise methodically on mobile. There are a lot of exercise apps on smartphones, but when it comes to something methodical, detailed, and minimalistic, easy to follow, easy to practice, I would choose Gym WP.

Gym WP shows all your body metrics

With the strength of intelligent design according to scientific and high health standards, Gym WP owns the feature of weighing and reporting all your body metrics. Moreover, it can give practical tips to improve the measurement BMI, weight, height, muscle wasting, body circumference measurement, excess fat and many more. The advice will be how much you should exercise a day to fit your body’s weight goal; which parts of the body to focus on; with your current height, how much weight should be correct… These tips of course are all based on scientific research on sports training in the world, but whether to follow or not is another matter. It’s a matter of “willpower”.

And because of the word “willpower”, Gym WP continues to bring another outstanding function, which I really like.

Your PT at home, 24/7

First, Gym WP is completely free to use. And as a well-rounded, versatile, multi-talented personal trainer, the app has plenty of fitness program customizations. Each program will be tailored to an individual’s interests and strengths. Like PT, there will always be specific exercises, durations, and progressions to help you enhance your figure in the most optimal time.

Gym WP will rely on the information you provide initially to design a complete fitness schedule for yourself. Everyone is different, from the content to the frequency and number of workouts in a week. In total, there are more than five hundred exercises on Gym WP. Each post has pictures and detailed explanatory notes. These exercises are divided into categories: weight training, barbell training, aerobic exercise, free exercise…

If you need to diversify and combine multiple results, you can also create your own supersets. Putting these sets of exercises together is also extremely easy. And once paired, the app will automatically divide the order before and after for the most reasonable at each time of the day, corresponding to the level of each movement. Your task is just to keep an eye on it and follow.

Well, if you still feel inadequate about the frequency and difficulty of the exercise, you are free to modify it however you like such as increasing the number of reps or lengthening the exercise time in each exercise. If you don’t modify it yourself, the app always comes with a smart tracking function. It will automatically follow your training progress based on the opening and closing time of the app, thereby automatically adjusting, and adding the appropriate duration for the following sessions. However, you’d better adjust by yourself so that it will be more flexible for your own time.

With all the features of proactively making exercises, self-adjusting to reality and tracking the progress of the “students” I just mentioned above, do you think Gym WP looks like a professional PT?

Everybody can use this amazing app

In addition, Gym WP is suitable for all ages and needs. Anyone who needs health training, maintaining, or improving their physique by exercising can download and use.

If you want to lose weight, the app will provide a comprehensive weight loss plan with the metrics you provide. And if you hope to gain muscle or increase a certain number of rounds on the body, there are also corresponding recommended exercises to do and follow. The app will also let you know if you exercise throughout a specific time, how your physique will change. Anyone who goes to the gym would love to have this information. It is not only a measure of diligence, but also a motivating factor for successful exercise.

MOD APK version of Gym WP

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Download Gym WP MOD APK for Android

Wherever you are, in any situation, you need to stay healthy and fit. Why don’t you take advantage of this tough time to download Gym WP, practice at home every day? After the epidemic, your body is still slim, you are still healthy to regain the spirit to go to work.