Solar power is power that is gotten by effectively harnessing the energy coming from the sun’s rays. A range of technologies are present to harness this. The most common ways to capture the sun’s energy is with some photovoltaic solar system which does this. You may be attracted to installing a solar power system but do not know where to start. The following guide aims to help you out:

Four main areas of a solar power system

When it comes to a home solar power system, it consists of four main parts. This includes solar panels, solar inverter, racking or mounting, and monitoring. 

Solar panels include a collection of 60 or even more solar cells. The panels are able to employ different cell types as well as cell arrangements. You can get these in two sizes, i.e. the residential size and a commercial size. 

The solar inverter can be found in two main flavors, i.e. a string inverter that is about the size of a briefcase. You can get microinverters that are about the size of a paperback book. You may even find power optimizers that are a hybrid between the two. 

The racking or mounting will connect the solar panels to a room. You canfind many racking brands. 

Consumption monitors include small devices which sit in your switchboard. They will measure the amount of electricity coming from or even going to the grid. It is possible to install some solar system without the consumption monitor.

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Importance of installing a good solar system

It is vital to get a good installer to install the system because a bad one can spoil the items that you get from good brands. These systems do not look good and may even turn out to be unreliable, unsafe, and may under-perform. The install quality matters. 

Therefore when planning to install the system, check out reviews of the installer from a valid website. You should find a good installer. 

How a home employs solar energy

A home solar system installation will operate when the system is generating more power in comparison to yourhome requirements. Another way that a home uses solar energy is when the home is utilizing more power in comparison to the amount of power the solar system is generating.

Number of solar panels to buy

This depends on your budget, what the roof is able to properly fit, as well as the amount that the local electricity network lets you install. The minimum to buy for most homes tends to be 6.6 Kw of panels with a 5kW inverter.

Those who use much electricity or if you plan to get an electric car for instance, think about getting something bigger than a 6.6 kW installation.

If you are wondering what size solar power system to get, you can use STC calculator for instance. It is important to get a good quality solar power system installed by a competent installer if you want to get the benefits of solar power.