A Pilates reformer is a good machine to have if you are finding one to use at home. However, there are many options available that it can be tough choosing one. You will be making an investment so you will want to make the correct decision. You need to keep some points in mind if you want to get the right one. Read on to find out more:

Look at your available space

You need to have enough space in your home for the machine. An average Pilates Reformer tends to be 7 to 8 feet long along with 2 to 2.5 feet wide. But due to the equipment evolving and manufacturers trying to make these cater to many body types, the sizes may vary from the stated measurements. 

You may have thought of the area where you wish to place the machine. The space should be more than the dimensions of the machine. There must be sufficient area to walk around the reformer in a comfortable way. There must even be enough space widthwise so that when you are lying upon your back on the reformer, there is enough room to reach your arms out. You need to even have sufficient space for the legs, to extend out wide and not touch anything when doing this. 

Try and have a Pilate’s practice area that is around 11-12 feet long as well as 6-7 feet wide. Having dimensions which are smaller than this are not an issue. But you may need to change the exercises a bit so that you can accommodate to the space. 

In addition to pilates equipment benefits, our Reformer models provide a full-body workout. 

Consider your body

Reformers tend to come in every size. Before buying a Pilates Reformer, you should measure yourself. This must be from the tip of the head going to the base of the glutes. Employ this length to select a reformer that has a Carriage which can accommodate your complete torso when lying supine or on your back. 

It needs to even have sufficient space wide so that you may rest the arms along the side. You can measure your arms going from the tip of the shoulders to your middle finger’s tip. You can then be certain that your hands and fingers will not hang off the Carriage at the time that you are lying supine. 

You need to even keep in mind your bony prominences like the hip bones, knees, etc. If there are uncomfortable when you are on a firm surface, you may want to get a reformer which has more padding upon the Shoulder Blocks, the Carriage, as well as on the foot bar. You can then stay pain free. 

You can check out the different Pilates Reformers available like Pilates reformer machine at Pilates Health Equipment for instance. It is better to do your research and invest in a good machine that can remain functioning for much time. Make sure that it is perfect for you and that you can comfortably exercise on it and get its benefits.