The guide provides information on how to play the Gazer Wordle that the players correctly guessed as 335 on the 20th of May.

Do you participate in the game of scrabble online every day? Wordle is a well-known word game that is played by numerous gamers from The United States, India, Australia, Canada and Canada, India and the United Kingdom. Every day, the game releases each day a new puzzle or riddle to keep them entertained.

Riddle #335 is filled with missing words as well as clues where players are required to figure out the five-letter word that begins at G to R. Therefore the players have guessed a variety of words, such as gazer Wordle.

What is Gazer in Wordle?

Gazer refers to a steady gaze or one who stares with intent. But, it is not related to riddle #335 which was published on the 20th of May, 2022. Daily riddles released a puzzle on May 20th in which players were required to figure out a five-letter word beginning at G to R.

Players began to guess the words that begin by G to R. In the word list they discovered gazer and consequently, they thought the correct answer to the riddle would be “Gazer.” However, it was an assumption but not the correct answer, since the correct answer is “Gamer.”

Is Gazer a Word in Wordle #335?

Gazer was not the correct word for the riddle released on 20th May 2022. This Friday morning, the puzzle game revealed question #335 in which players were required to pick a word of five letters beginning at G before ending R.

Other five-letter words that begin with G and ending in R are:

  • Gater
  • Gazor
  • Goner
  • Glair
  • Gluer
  • Gayer
  • Giver
  • Giber
  • Goier
  • Gager
  • Gaper
  • Gazar

As many of the players had were able to guess Gazer as the solution to riddle #335. Others were searching for Gazer definition on the internet. The definition of gazer is in a fixed or steady manner.

What is the Answer to Wordle #335?

Wordle is an everyday puzzle game which releases daily riddles for players. On May 20 the daily riddle game released riddle #335. Players were required to figure out five-letter words beginning at “G” and ending with “R.”

  • The word has two vowels.
  • The word is not a repetition of letters.
  • The definition of the word”player” is that he engages in games

The answer for riddle #35 is “GAMER” and not “GAZER.” Because many gamers guessed gazer as the answer, many people have asked whether Gazer was an Scrabble word as part of the Wordle that was released on May 20, 2022. However, it’s just an acronym from the list, and not the answer, because the solution for riddle 335 is “GAMER.


Wordle can be described as a riddle-type game which has a large number of fans across the globe. It has daily riddles and on the 20th of May it published riddle #335. Players have to figure out the letters of a five-letter word that starts by G before ending R. This is why a lot of players were spotted guessing various words, such as Gazer. But it is clear that Gazer Wordle gazer Wordle is not the correct choice because the correct answer is GAMER in riddle #335.

What is your take on the riddle #335? Do share your answer in the comments section.

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