This article is about the Game Duotrigordle. A word-based challenge game, it draws inspiration from Wordle as well as many spin-offs.

Are you a fan of word puzzles and word games? Do you enjoy Wordle daily? Do you feel confident in your word-selection and guessing skills? Then you should be curious to find out about yet another word-based game.

We have included facts about an internet gaming platform in this report. There are many countries interested in the gameplay, such as New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. You can find all information regarding the game duotrigordle in this write-up.


Duotrigordle was another spin-off from the well-known parent game Wordle. To create it, the game’s developer took inspiration from Hexadecordle. Octordle. Octordle. The subject game is therefore a blend of many word-based guessing puzzles.

Who are the founders of Duotrigordle?

Bryan Chen, a Computer Science student in Waterloo University’s Computer Science department, developed this game. He is interested to create these projects, so that people can enjoy the games. He has an account on Ko-Fi, where he’s asked his fans to support his efforts to make the game better.

How Many Times Can You Play the Game Duotrigordle Every Day?

Each 13 hours, a new Duotrigordle version is available on the device. This is different from Wordle byproducts which have a 24-hour time frame. This means that if the user considers 12 o’clock in the morning as the beginning, he can play two different games within a single day.

A player cannot keep guessing after a certain number of attempts. At first, it was forty attempts. According to the game’s source codes on GitHub, however, the developer modified it to 317.

How to play the game duotrigordle

This game’s official site features a multiple grid display. Duotrigordle asks the user to guess thirty-two words. When the player type the first guess, the first rows containing all the words to be guessed show those letters. The color-coding will also be displayed simultaneously.

The colored hints can be used in the same way that Wordle. It is clear that the yellow tiles correspond to the correct letter at a correct position. It also means that the yellow tiles refer to the correct letter at the wrong position. Uncolored blocks mean that the alphabet is not present in that word.

The Daily Game Duotrigordle Daily ‘s fun element is the way that all three-dozen coloring spots are grouped together. You can focus and enter only one word per game. However, colors will display for all words within the grid.

Duotrigordle has been created to encourage brainstorming. Each player must correctly guess each colored hint within a given time limit. For gamers who wish to practice their skills before they go, there is a practice mode.


Wordle also offers this unique game as a by-product. The Game Duotrigordle is a popular game that gamers from around the globe enjoy to test their intelligence. To get the most current updates to the game you can look at the Source Code of Duotrigordle’s GitHub.

Did you ever play Duotrigordle? What were the words you could guess? Please share the below.