For the owner of a plumbing business, their van is their mobile office. Having a well-organized plumbing van can help owners like you save time, reduce stress, and improve your overall efficiency.

One of the key components of organizing your plumbing van is choosing the right work van shelving. In this detailed guide, we will explore –

  • the many benefits of using plumbing van shelving
  • the most efficient types of shelving and storage systems
  • how to choose the right shelving for your van
  • installation and maintenance tips
  • why American Van Equipment is your best bet for van shelving

Let us get flowing (pun intended)!

5 Undeniable Benefits of Using Van Shelving for Your Plumbing Business

Installing high-quality van shelving offers several benefits for your plumbing business. These include –

  1. Increased Productivity

With well-organized shelving, you can access your tools and equipment with ease, reducing the time it takes for you or your employees to complete tasks.

  1. Improved Safety

Professional shelving reduces the risk of accidents by a huge margin, by keeping your tools and equipment in place and preventing them from falling or shifting while driving or sudden braking.

  1. Enhanced Professionalism

A well-organized plumbing van can help you create a positive impression on your clients, by showing them that you are a professional who takes their work seriously.

  1. Reduced Stress

Having the peace of mind and knowing that everything is in its place and easily accessible can help reduce the stress of a busy workday significantly.

  1. Cost-Effective

Investing in plumbing van shelving is a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency and organization of your business.

The Most Efficient Types of Plumbing Van Shelving and Storage Systems

There are several types of van shelving and storage systems available both online and offline, including the following –

  • Adjustable Shelving

This type of shelving allows you to adjust the height of the shelves to fit your specific tools and equipment.

  • Drawer Units

Drawer units are ideal for organizing small parts and tools, such as nuts, bolts, and screws.

  • Storage Bins

Storage bins are ideal for storing larger items, such as PVC pipes and other plumbing materials.

  • Partitions

Partitions are designed to separate the cab area from the cargo area, improving safety and organization.

How to Choose the Right Plumbing Van Shelving for Your Needs

While choosing van shelving for your plumbing business, it is important to make a list of all the specific needs and requirements you may have. For different plumbing contractors, the way material is organized may vary. Here are some simple ways in which you can ensure you know exactly what you need in terms of commercial van shelving –

  1. Take into account the size of your van. Choose shelving that fits the dimensions of your van perfectly. Not considering the van size can result in you choosing something that is not the perfect fit for your vehicle. Ignoring the size would not only be a waste of money, but could also leave you with no other choice than to make do with what you have.
  2. Consider your tools and the equipment you expect to haul on a daily basis by measuring and weighing your material. This can help you determine the appropriate shelving options. You can even categorize your material based on type and usage, so you can determine exactly how and where you intend to store them.
  3. Choose shelving that allows you to access your tools and equipment easily while on the job. Remember, shelving that looks great but is not good in terms of accessibility is practically useless for you!
  4. Invest in van shelving that is durable and can withstand heavy use and potential damage over several years. Your vehicle will travel to a variety of jobsites and may be exposed to harsh weather and road conditions, so it is paramount to opt to outfit your van with accessories that are as robust as your van is!
  5. Consider the cost of the shelving you choose and compare it to your budget as well as the expected return on investment. Remember, it is important to value quality over price always, since this is a long-term investment.

Installation and Maintenance Tips for Your Plumbing Van Shelving

Proper installation and maintenance of the shelving in your van is crucial to ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. Here are a few tips that the experts at American Van Equipment have put together for you –

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing and maintaining your shelving. Read the product manual, instructional guide, and safety information carefully before you handle or attempt to install any heavy shelving.

  1. Hire an expert to install the shelving 

Instead of trying to do it all yourself it is always a better and safer bet to rely on a professional to install the shelving for you. You can state your requirements and preferences and then allow the pros to do their job of perfectly up fitting your plumbing van with the storage solutions you chose for it.

  1. Regularly inspect and clean your shelving

Inspect your shelving for signs of damage or wear and tear regularly. Also, clean your shelving regularly to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt, and debris.

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