Whenever you experience a plumbing issue in your home, you’ll always find yourself tempted to save on the call-out fee and to deal with the issues yourself. After all, when a sink is blocked, shouldn’t it be you who finds a way to unblock it? That may be the case, but there are some circumstances in which anyone but a trained expert could make matters much worse, not better. Here are four of them, with an explanation of why it should be left to the professionals rather than dealt with in-house. 

Appliance Leakage

When an appliance leaks, you’ll be tempted to pull it away from the wall to inspect what it is that’s causing the leak. The only problem with this approach is that washing machines and dishwashers are often connected to your main water supply, and if that connection has ruptured in some way, you may find that far more water gushes out as you move the appliance. Hiring an experienced plumbers in tulsa on hand will mean that if you do need to move an appliance for maintenance, they’ll know exactly how to turn off the water or block the breach quickly and with minimal damage to your home.


When hot water is gushing from your boiler, there’s absolutely nothing for it but to call in the plumber. As the experts at gjsplumbingandheating.co.uk will tell you, a broken boiler can be seriously dangerous for you and for your home – and it’ll need to be seen immediately by a professional who will know how to stop the flow and how to return your boiler, or a new boiler, into operation in the least possible time. Any boiler issue should be directed to a boiler, heating, and plumbing professionals and not dealt with by you or your family members. 

Blocked Sink

When your sink is blocked, you’ll likely see it as an option to simply pour a little sink unblocker down the drain and wait to see what happens. This can deal with the blockage in some cases, but there are often underlying causes of a blockage that means it’ll simply reset itself in a week’s time. Calling in a plumber will help you properly deal with the issue so that it doesn’t recur, such as using a suction machine to extract any material that’s blocking your drain. 

Outdoor Water Supply

Plenty of homes seek to have at least one outside tap in order to help them water their plants in the summer months. Installing one of these doesn’t just involve plumbing – it’s likely that you’ll also need someone with experience in masonry in order to create the pipes you’ll need to feed out into your garden or outside area. A plumber will always have a partner with whom they’ll be able to deliver this feature to your home, so contacting a plumber for this task will mean that it’s done as soon as possible. 

Calling in the plumber might feel like an expensive thing to do, but there are some occasions when you don’t have any other option. The four points above are examples of these occasions.