To be honest, we all love flaunting our pucker lips with a great pop of color in our Instagram stories! All the lipstick junkies and their undying love for liquid lipsticks form an integral part of their makeup routine. Of all the makeup products that find space in our makeup bags, liquid matte lipstick would make to the top list. They are easy to apply, usually stay for good long hours, and require minimal touchups if applied properly. There’s nothing as appealing as your lipstick which is smudge-free and can survive everything from a passionate kiss from Bae to sipping your favorite coffee. 

What we love about liquid lipstick the most is how the lips become well defined and it glides smoothly without flaking or creating creases. Once applied, all you need to give it is a few seconds to dry, and then it’s set for the whole day. If applied properly, liquid lipsticks are long-lasting and give zero stain transfers keeping your lippies pout ready all day long. We know applying lipsticks can be intimidating so here’s a quick guide that will take care of all your struggles while applying lipstick. 

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick the Right Way

Preparing the Lips First

Flaky and chapped lips can’t hold on to the lipsticks for long and thus prepping the lips by exfoliating properly becomes mandatory. Smooth and supple lips without any cracks have the power to hold on to any kind of lipstick for a longer time and provide a smooth canvas for the application. First thing first, take any DIY lip scrub or apply Vaseline on the bare lips and leave it for a minute. Then take a soft cloth and gently wipe the Vaseline off the lips that will also remove the dried and flaky layer. You can also use a spare toothbrush instead of a cloth to wipe the dead skin. With this lips will retain the moisture and get rid of the loose skin on the surface.

Add a Base Layer before Lipstick 

A common lipstick application mistake that we all make is not setting the base. Just like the face, even the lips need a smooth canvas so that lipstick can easily glide without bleeding. Once your lips are plumped and ready, opt for a lightweight concealer or foundation as a lip primer to even out the fine lines and also give a great color playoff to the lip color. Applying base is not only essential for the face but also for the lips as it avoids discoloration and also increases the longevity of the lipstick you apply. 

Define the Lips 

Liquid lipstick gives a nice precision to the lips however it’s always nice to stay on the safer side and outline the lips to avoid lipsticks from bleeding or smudging. You can use a lip liner in the same shade as lipstick to define the lips before painting them. It is advised to use the lip liner to trace the lips to make them look fuller for ensuring the smooth application of the lipstick. With gentle hands start drawing the cupid’s bow and move to the outer edges. Repeat the same process for the lower lips.

Layer with the Liquid Lipstick 

Once you have lined those gorgeous lips, start gliding the lipstick on the cupid’s bow for that perfect pout shape and move to the edge from the center of the lips. You can also draw an X shape on the cupid’s bow and spread it evenly to the outer corners for flawless application. Apply one coat first, mix it equally and then move to the second coat if needed for more coverage and opaqueness as liquid lipsticks are already pigmented in nature. Don’t forget the final finish which includes blotting the lipstick with a tissue to wipe off the excess product and prevent the lip color from feathering. 

That’s it guys! Get that full coverage of the best long-lasting lipstick in just a few steps and bring on that fierce chick within you.