Eyebrows are one of the prominent features that help to accentuate the eyes, shape your personality and lift the overall facial appearance without much effort. There are so many ways to shape the eyebrows, out of which threading is the oldest and most preferred way to get rid of bushy brows. The journey of every girl to get rid of unruly and outgrown hair is different and one single hair removed from the wrong place can be painful and asymmetrical. If you are not in the favor of going to salons every time you see the growth of eyebrow hair, follow this blog to master the art of at-home brow grooming. Follow these simple steps to get beautiful and perfectly groomed eyebrows using that will complement your face. 

How to Shape Eyebrows with Tweezer?

Prep Your Skin before Tweezing

Before using an Eyebrow Tweezer, make sure you prep your skin well. Devoid of grime, sweat, and grease, it is essential to first cleanse your skin and then, begin with tweezing. In case you are wearing make-up, don’t forget to remove it. For cleaning purpose, use lukewarm water as it helps to loosen the skin pores and, once your pores are open it gets easy to pluck hair. You can even take a hot shower as it can make removing eyebrow hair super-easy, without hurting the skin and causing inflammation.

Tweeze in Front of a Mirror

Finding out which hair you should pluck and in what direction you should go, matters a lot. This is only possible if you conduct the tweezing game in front of a clean mirror and well-lit room. Say a big no to magnifying mirrors as they make it appear like you need to remove too much hair. Get hold of a brow pencil and examine the curve of your brow and draw a line to differentiate which hair strand should be removed and which shouldn’t. 

Choose the Right Tweezer

Having a quality pair of Eyebrow Tweezing Tool is very important to have a strong grip and precision while using. Therefore to escape the pain while getting away with eyebrows, it’s best to invest in sharp, hand and Slant Tip Tweezer that are perfectly aligned to remove all the unwanted hair. The tips of the right set of Tweezers allow more hair to be plucked including fine and small hair. 

Tweeze in the Right Direction 

Take the Tweezer between the thumb and index finger pressing down with tight hands and pulling out the hair in the direction of hair growth. Use the Tweezer with extra care while using it under the brow area. The growth pattern of eyebrows is irregular hence take substantial time, go slow and pluck each hair carefully. If done in a jiffy, one might end up removing extra hair strands. 

Reduce Redness after Tweezing

Once you are done with tweezing, immediately rub ice cubes on the brows to avoid redness and inflammation. If in case not available, you can also use aloe vera gel on the brow area to numb the pain or irritation caused due to the pointed tool. Complete the look by filling the gaps using a brow pencil. 

Consider these steps while plucking and get brows on fleek every time!