Festive season is here! It brings joy, laughter and togetherness. You can eat all the sweets under the sun, dance the night away and bond with everyone in your circle. Festive season in India is unlike any other. It’s full of colour, lights and fireworks. 

The best part about the festive season? Dressing up. We can pull out our best clothes, our finest jewellery and our sparkly shoes and we won’t look out of place. This is an exciting part of the festive season, one that every girl looks forward to. Do you have your outfit sorted and are looking for the perfect pair of earrings to make the festive season even more bright? Read on to see what our top picks for earrings this festive season is: 

1. Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas are evergreen, a staple in every Indian woman’s jewellery bag. Jhumka earrings are gorgeous, royal and elegant. They add oomph to every outfit and make it look like a million bucks. Jhumka earrings are perfect for any festival, as they are also an integral part of Indian culture. These earrings originated centuries ago, and have been worn by every royal family – from the Mughals, to the Rajputs to the Nizams of Hyderabad. These earrings are as rich in tradition as they are in their appearance. 

Adding a pair of jhumka earrings to any Indian outfit – be it a kurta set, a saree or a lehenga instantly adds charm and beauty to it. Jhumka earrings differ in their style – they can be gold-plated, studded or oxidised, but each of these pairs are uniquely gorgeous. They add glamour to the outfit, making it perfect for any festival you wear it to. Add a pair of these trusty earrings, and trust us when we say, you’ll be a showstopper. 

2. Meenakari Earrings

If you like standing out from the crowd and making a statement, a pair of Meenakari earrings is what you should wear for the festive season. Meenakari earrings are regal and sophisticated. These earrings are very unique and when styled well, they make the wearer look unique. Meenakari earrings were popular in the courts of Rajput kings, and are made with intricate craftsmanship. Precious or semi-precious gems are embedded in place in gold or silver, in various designs and shapes. 

You can find motifs of gods and goddesses in Meenakari earrings, and what other way to bring in the festival than with these earrings? They pair well with every Indian outfit, elevating it and adding a bohemian vibe to the entire look as well. You can match the colour of the gems in these earrings to your clothes, and get set to stun everywhere you go. 

3. American Diamond Earrings 

If your personal style is classic and elegant, American diamond earrings are your best friends. They add charm to every outfit they’re paired with. American diamonds are different from real diamonds in the way that they’re made. While real diamonds are mined, American diamonds are made in a lab with precision. They shine the same, which is why American diamonds are perfect to zhuzh up your festival outfits.

American diamond earrings are statement-making. These earrings are enough to add star quality to any outfit without the need for any other jewellery. American diamond earrings shine bright, and while wearing these earrings with your beautiful Indian festival outfit, you’ll shine brighter than anyone else. You can pair these earrings with any Indian outfit, and it’ll compliment it perfectly. 

4. Gold Plated Earrings

Gold is a mark of prosperity and good fortune in India. Any festival is incomplete without gold accents, and it is also a big part of the attire. Gold is timeless in our culture and you’ll look timeless wearing gold. A good alternative to real gold is gold plated earrings. These earrings look just like the real deal, but are most cost-efficient, easier to wear and easier to pair too. A pair of gold plated earrings will add pizzaz to any outfit you wear. 

These earrings are perfect for the festive season, as you can buy various types of gold plated jewellery to match all your outfits. You will be the belle of the ball with these earrings and your gorgeous festival outfit on. They add glitz and tradition to the ensemble, without making you look older or like you’re trying too hard. This is the perfect pair of earrings to quietly make a statement and stun the room. 

These were our picks for the best earrings for the festive season. Just remember to smile as brightly as your outfit shines. Festivals are the best time to pull out your best clothes, your best jewellery and have fun! You can pick out any of these earrings at Blingvine.