You are trying to assess the authenticity of a website? If so, please read this article to avoid the scams of websites.

It is true that the United States people are extremely conscious of their appearance. Hence even with a hectic schedule they are able to maintain their beauty. However, at times, it is difficult to maintain their appearance effectively. In this article, we’ll guide you to find an online site that is part of the cosmetics business.

So, you should dive into this post about Dioxstore reviews to learn more about the reviews.


According to”About Us “About Us” of this website, it’s an online store which is owned by the ooShirts brand named Chip. Additionally, while researching Chip we’ve noticed that the platform was designed by business professionals to ensure correct functioning. Furthermore, it includes several experts and suppliers who be able to keep a firm grasp on keeping the seller’s and the client’s relationship.

But, after looking through this website, we have found that the site does not have any additional items listed and that they are listed below

  • Cream Concealer.
  • Cleanse Mask Stick.
  • Face Primer.

Let’s explore the future to discover additional clues.

Points To Be Checked To Prove Is Dioxstore Legit ?

  • The website cataloged cosmetics.
  • The email provided to raise your questions to them is
  • Once you have met their requirements, you are eligible to claim the return in the period of 15 days.
  • The address of the warehouse is 2900 Shadeland Avenue, Suite B1, Indianapolis, IN 46219.
  • The time for shipping is dependent on the location of the customer However, they have stated that parcels will be delivered within 5 to 20 working days.
  • The number to dial is 1-833-933-1816.
  • According to research that the website was only 13 days old, and was created on the 05th January 2022.
  • We’re unable to find our delivery guidelines.
  • After analyzing the latest Dioxstore reviews We have discovered that the most popular payment methods include GiroPay, PayPal, Sofort, Credit and Debit Cards.
  • They can process the replacement of the item within 5-10 days.
  • The site’s accession link is
  • will handle the refund process within 5-10 working days.
  • The hours of operation are from 9 am until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.
  • The social media icon of Facebook is evident in our study.
  • The newsletter service is not accessible at present.

What Gains Are Seen On The Site?

  • The contact information is continuously updated.
  • Based on the Dioxstore Review the location of the warehouse is listed.
  • An icon for Facebook is accessible.
  • On the site the reviews for the item are displayed.

How Is The Website Wrong?

  • Facebook’s icon is not working. Facebook icon is not working.
  • 0.9/100 trust rank is quite low.
  • The option to send out newsletters is not available.
  • A mere 1% low trust score is derived.

Is Dioxstore A Fraud?

  • Trust ScoreTrust Score –The result is not sufficient.
  • Trust Rank –A unreliable i.e., 0.9 value is taken from.
  • Domain’s Enrollment Day-05-01-2022 is the date of registration.
  • Owner’s details-We haven’t found the relevant clues, but we are asking is Dioxstore a legitimate business ?
  • Shoppers’ CommentsThe site has gathered all positive reviews about the items, however, the ratings aren’t convincing us. Furthermore there is a problem with the Trustpilot ratings aren’t up to par for the website, suggesting to the fact that it’s questionable.
  • Alexa Rank Alexa Rank We have found a 1,770,403 Alexa Rank.
  • The date of expiry for the site isAs as per our analysis it is 05-01-2023, the date that the site will cease to exist.
  • Policies found Policies Found The delivery policy is not there However, all other policy are cited perfectly.
  • Address Originality-The site for their facility is true.
  • Social media connectionsWe have only extracted one Facebook icon.

Clients’ Dioxstore Reviews

After examining the Internet We have been unable to identify the genuine reviews. Additionally, the reviews of the shopper on Trustpilot are also not accessible which raises doubts. On customers post positive reviews that we are unable to consider to determine if they are genuine.

The website is not working despite the Facebook icon, which indicates the site’s illegitimate activity. The thorough investigation on this site has revealed that the site’s legitimacy is in question because it was recently registered. Additionally, you can look further to find further clues.


This Dioxstore Reviews review has examined the site and its products in order to determine whether it’s genuine or not. Additionally, supplies cosmetic items such as Eye Primer. Additionally, sources have found that the website has a low trust score and score.