Our review is the best place to start if you are looking for a new online shop. Every day, many new online shops are created. However, before you buy, make sure to do extensive research about it. This includes checking the owner’s reputation, trust score, address and customer reviews. Today we’ll also be discussing a new online website.

This website is receiving a lot attention in the United State. It is known as Deretolo. If you’re interested in deep knowledge about Deretolo’s website, please visit the Deretolo Reviews Article.

What is Deretolo?

Deretolo, an e-commerce website, was founded recently. It is an online clothing site. It is not well-known among customers. The website does not have a business owner and has not been given the year of its establishment. You will find that the website currently has only four products. They are all t-shirts. The company also has not provided any information about its operations.

You can find more information about the website by clicking here. Next, we’ll learn more about the specifications. This will allow us to know Is Deretolo Legit and the reverse.

Specifications for Deretolo

  • Delivery Time – Orders Ship within 5-8 Business Days
  • Contact Address – GA 30041 Cumming, Marina Rd Bald Ridge 1111.
  • Website Link- check out the site via https://www.deretolo.com/
  • Contact Number-+1 (304-707-7302
  • Payment Types – The website accepts Amex and Apple Pay, Diners Clubs, Discover, MasterCard, Google Pay Visa, Shop Pay, PayPal, and others.
  • Products Available- T-Shirts
  • Website Creation Date- This website was created on 2022/04/18.
  • Email Id- support@deretolo.com
  • Return Policy –Products may be returned within 30 calendar days.
  • Policy Refund – All refunds will be made to the original payment method.
  • Newsletter – Subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Exchange Policy-Exchange is available.

To learn more about the Deretolo site, check out the Deretolo Review article.

Deretolo Website

  • The HTTPS protocol has secured the website.
  • They share similar Url and Portal names.
  • The newsletter is now available.

Deretolo Website

  • There are very few products.
  • They have not provided much information about the company.
  • Contact details seem sketchy.
  • Social media is everywhere.
  • This website is not very popular.
  • Until now, no customer reviews were published.
  • Products seem counterfeit.
  • This website is not available online.
  • Websites have a limited life span.

Is Deretolo Legit? Or Scam

This is an important stage in our discussion because here we will learn about the legitimacy factors. This section is important.

  • Domain Age- This website is young, having been established 1.5 months ago on 2022/04/18.
  • Trust Score –Trust Score can only be considered a score.
  • Trust Ranking – Trust Ranking ranks at 39.2%.
  • Owner Identity-Owner details not listed.
  • Policies – All policies available.
  • Address Authentication – The company’s address is false.
  • Content Quality- The about us content is 71% copied.
  • Social Media Presence – Find via Deretolo Review Not a single social media account exists.
  • Coupons- There are no deals on their products.
  • Customer Reviews – Reviews currently are not available.
  • Expiry date- It will end on 2023/04/18.

Customer Feedback

It is crucial to get customer feedback in order to determine if a website is legitimate. This can reveal if the website is legitimate or fake. The Deretolo website doesn’t seem to have received any customer reviews. We discovered this after extensive research. There aren’t any customer reviews, evaluations, or article-based reviews. This website is not mentioned anywhere on the internet.


It doesn’t have a social media account or an owner. It has poor trust scores and its contact information is sketchy. The most important thing is that there are no reviews. It is therefore possible to conclude that this website is suspicious.