Have you ever played the famous Wordle alike game? If not, then read this article to know more what you need to know about the game called Demur Wordle which is a game that is a viral game.

If you’re considering the popularity of the game, you’re bound to have heard of Wordle. However, do you know that a game that is similar to Wordle is trending at the moment? Internet users of Canada,the United States, Australia,the United Kingdom, India and many other countries find Quordle more interesting than Wordle. Learn more about this article to get the details of Demur Wordle.

More About Quordle

Quordle launched couple of days ago and quickly was immediately a fan. People on the internet prefer this game to Wordle since Quordle is more difficult and difficult to play. Many people online love Quordle where you need to come up with four five-letter words.

The puzzles are released every day at midnight and you need to complete the puzzle in less than 9 attempts. In the last few days, following the release of the solution to the Qourdle 73 people from all over the world are arguing about the accuracy of a particular word. One of the answers was the word Demur.

Are you thinking, is Demur a word?

Everybody is trying to figure out what the word means so the word is in high demand. Then, we have an answer! The word Demur is a verb that means to raise an objection or to show resistance. Demur could be used both as a verb and noun.

Because this word is spelled like ‘demure’ two words are commonly taken to mean the same thing. However, this isn’t the case because both words have distinct meanings. Demure is a term that means modest and shy While Demur refers to being hesitant and protesting. Therefore when you’re using any of these two words, be mindful!

Learn what we know regarding Quordle along with Wordle. Wordle

  • Freddie Meyer created the game.
  • The game in which you play there’s daily a new puzzle.
  • Each guess should be an acceptable five-letter word from of nine possible choices.
  • When you press the Enter button to enter your answer after which the color that the tile is changing in order to show the degree of accuracy you have to the correct answer.
  • When the tiles are green the letter is placed correctly and placed in the right place.
  • If the tile is yellow it is correct however, the layout is incorrect.
  • If the color stays the same and the letters remain unchangeable, they aren’t found in the text that day.

Comments to Quordle Wordle Wordle

Gamers worldwide love Quordle (https://www.quordle.com/#/ ) as it challenges your vocabulary effectively and is fun to play. In the end, it has a huge number of players who do their best to discover the most appropriate words every single day.


Quordle is a type of game similar to the well-known Wordle but it is more difficult. You must find four five-letter words Quordle within nine or less attempts. Each day, a new challenge is released every day, and just recently the an answer for one puzzle came out. The answer was demur and the internet is attempting to guess the meaning of the word.

If you’ve previously played Wordle before and you are a lover of games and quizzes, then you’ll surely enjoy the latest trending Wordle game. demur Wordlegame Quordle.

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